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Keep the peace: This post is about the Indian High Court ruling in the Babri Masjid case, and after that sane people’s advice to their respective communities to remain peaceful and calm. And here I’m going to quote one letter to the editor,
Roots of Western superiority complex – By Shiraz Paracha: Passengers of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight to London from Islamabad were forced to stay inside the aircraft at London Heathrow Airport on 8 August 2010 as the British Police and officials of the UK Boarder Agency made
Prem Chand We Are Ashamed – by Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi: Cross-posted from his blog There have been very few times when I have not found the right words to express my grief, sorrow, anger or passion for something and today is one of those days as today I write
I am an Ahmadi: The following provocative piece was written by Wajahat S. Khan, of TalkBack fame. The question of whether or not Wajahat is actually an Ahmedi is irrelevant. If we say Mr. Khan is not that would simply dilute the strength of this piece. I am an Ahmadi. There