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ڈاکٹر قادری اور عمران خان کے دھرنوں سے گھبرا کر صحافی طلعت حسین محفل سماع اور قوالی کے خلاف خودکش حملوں کی دھمکیاں دینے لگے – خرم زکی: Talat Hussain’s tweets: Qawaali in the red zone. Qadri is really pushing boundaries of sectarian conflict. He becoming disastrous news. This is not a joke. These divisions are serious. These are open invitations to a suicide hit. Salman’s pseudo-sufism,
Qawwali legend Maqbool Sabri passes away: LUBP authors and affiliates are saddened to report the passing away of Pakistan’s legendary qawal Maqbool Sabri.  Qawalli (Sufi devotional music) is at the heart of Pakistan’s diverse cultures.  Before the onslaught of the Taliban and their like minded copies,