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Shia genocide: 60 killed, 50 injured in Shikarpur imambargah blast:   Karachi (30 January 2015): At least sixty Shia Muslims were killed and 50 others were injured in an explosion in Shikarpur (Sindh) on Friday. As per initial reports, the blast occurred during Friday prayers at a Shia mosque (imambargah)
بلاول بھٹو کا معذرت نامہ ، مشورے اور تاریخ کا آئینہ خانہ: بلاول بھٹو زرداری کا معذرت نامہ ، مشورے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ سوچا آئینہ دکھا دوں عامر حسینی پی پی پی کے چئیرمین بلاول بھٹو زرداری نے پی پی پی کی ایک غیر منتخب کور کمیٹی کا اجلاس بلایا اور اس اجلاس
Is Bilawal Zardari the final nail in the PPP’s coffin? The orphans of Bhutto (PPP) are serving the spawn of Zia (PML N)!: This quote in Bilawal’s “apology” on social media is a perfect reflection of his delusions, his confusion as well as an insult to former and current PPP supporters.  Coming from someone whose party has become the B-team for Nawaz
Shia Genocide continues unabated in Karachi at the hands of Deobandi ASWJ terrorists: Editor’s note:  Shia genocide continues unabated in Karachi at the hands of Deobandi ASWJ terrorists. Brutal killing is enabled by the fact that puppet CM Qaim Ali Shah and PPP’s leader Bilawal Zardari refuse to take action against Aurangzeb
PPP’s hall of shame: Incidents of Shia genocide in Sindh from 28 Dec 2009 to 12 Apr 2014:   Here is an incomplete databse of incidents of Shia genocide in Sindh, Pakistan, since December 2009 Ashura massacre till 12 April 2014. This database will be updated on a regular basis. In short: From 28 Dec 2009 to
And now Chinese -by Waseem Altaf: He was born in a Sindhi family and used to speak Sindhi at home until he joined a school and learned that the national language was Urdu. As the medium of communication was Urdu, he had to learn Urdu.
Cranky nobility: On PPP’s boycott of Geo TV – by Nadeem F Paracha: Source: Dawn, October 24, 2010 I don’t know what the situation would be once this column goes into print, but a TV channel’s all out, constant outburst against Zardari certainly seems something that has very little to do with