Is Bilawal Zardari the final nail in the PPP’s coffin? The orphans of Bhutto (PPP) are serving the spawn of Zia (PML N)!

Is Bilawal Zardari the final nail in the PPP’s coffin? The orphans of Bhutto (PPP) are serving the spawn of Zia (PML N)!


This quote in Bilawal’s “apology” on social media is a perfect reflection of his delusions, his confusion as well as an insult to former and current PPP supporters.  Coming from someone whose party has become the B-team for Nawaz Sharif, a Saudi stooge and an “establishment test tube”spawn, Bilawal’s call to not support “parties which support dictatorship and appease the TTP” sound not just hollow but downright hypocritical.

“In the interim period, if you are considering switching over to another political party, please act discreetly. Do not punish Pakistan or its democracy for my shortcomings. Please do not support undemocratic party or party appeasing extremists. Pakistan has rightwing parties which support dictatorship and appease the TTP. If you are frustrated with the party, I would suggest to you ways to legitimately practise opposition politics.”

To accept the results of a rigged election as a genuine mandate is against the very essence of democracy. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the current PPP leadership is attempting to do at the cost of further alienating its supporters. Bilawal’s stance of opposing the Taliban and anti-democratic parties rings hollow when his own PPP is reduced to the B team of Nawaz Sharif – the PPP (N).

This is the same PML N that is in an open alliance with the Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ-LeJ (previously known as the Sipah –e-Sahaba). ASWJ is also the urban face of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and now ISIS.

PPP’s own Sindh CM,  Qaim Ali Shah as well as its main opposition “leader” Khursheed Shah have handed over Sindh to the Deobandi madrassa mafia that is the Taliban supply factory. PPP turncoats like Aitzaz Ahsan and Sherry Rahman have previously betrayed the PPP in favour of shady establishment characters like Rana Iftikhar Chaudhary and the pro Taliban GEO/JANG group.

Clearly Bilawal is throwing stones from a very brittle glass house.

His apology seems to be the reflection of a very muddled mind.  The current PPP leadership seems to have lost the argument on the national level and is now trying to dictate the sentiment of understandably disgruntled jiyalas. The PPP under ZAB prided itself on giving a voice to the voiceless. Under Bilawal, the PPP is reduced to dictating even the future course of actions of its rapidly declining support base.

There are still sympathetic critical supporters of the PPP – those like collegues at LUBP who feel that Bilawal’s confused thinking is a result of the wrong advice. Out of their loyalty to the memory of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, they attribute Bilawal’s mistakes to the collection of elitest turncoats, closet Taliban and opportunists who are around him and unfortunately wield disproportionate influence in the current PPP – people like Aitzaz Ahsan, Sherry Rehman, Qaim Ali Shah, Khursheed Shah and Wattoo.

Blaming his problematic advisors is the  polite way of not being directly critical of Bilawal. The unfortunate reality is that the PPP is fast becoming irrelevant and has already been hijacked. That its leaders like Zardari and his son Bilawal are the ones who have allowed the party to degenerate to its current levels.

It is truly a lost cause when the insecure leader of a party is asking his supporters to support another party, in this case the AWP. This is another collection of fringe, far left  and career NGOs whose lofty rhetoric is often at sharp odds with their various stands – in particular their alliance with rightwing pro Taliban parties like the PML N, JI and Sipah Sahaba during the discredited lawyer’s movement.

Why can’t Bilawal issue a more honest apology instead of taking petty digs at the exponential popularity graph of the PTI. The PPP should never have abased themselves in the way they have been doing recently by supporting Ziaist remnants like the  PML N. The argument that the PPP parliamentarians are supporting the lofty goals of democracy by supporting the corrupt, murderous and tainted PML N regime is both laughable and dishonest.

PTI has become increasingly popular by successfully tapping into the zeitgeist of not just the urban middle class but also a vast and growing number of common Pakistanis who used to vote PPP but are now looking for a new alternative that finally delivers on governance and security. PTI may not capture the romance and idealism that was the PPP from the late 1960s to the late 1980s.  Then again, the same cannot be said for the current version of the PPP either.

Jiyalas clearly deserve better than the current pathetic leadership of the PPP under the clueless Bilawal.  The jiyalas all over Pakistan have suffered under the yoke of PML N oppression and MQM fascism. They are heartbroken at the current attitude of neglect, apathy, spinelessness and corruption of their leadership who view the government as simply a means to fill their individual coffers. The jiyalas don’t deserve a leader who does not respect their voice and who even wants to dictate their alternatives.

The 18th of October is a long way off. The PPP will likely pull of a decent rally in Karachi after making even more concessions to the MQM. However, this will not be the rally of idealism that once characterized the PPP. It will be a rally that reflects the leadership’s failure and apathy. The memory of SMBB and ZAB deserve better. The jiyalas deserve better than this.  It is likely that some prominent PPP leaders and activists will likely bid adieu to the party in the near future.  Their loss will be felt.

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