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Most patriotic Pakistanis – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: Pakistan is an unfortunate country where a majority of its population is busy harming the country by carrying out corruption, terrorism and making money through unethical and illegal ways. These traitors claim themselves to be the most patriotic and
The Furqan Battallion: The historical role of Ahmadiyya community as Pakistan army’s Jihadist proxy in Kashmir: The historical and important role of Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya community as willing participants and volunteers in Pakistan army’s Jihadist operations for the intended liberation of (Azad) Kashmir remains largely under-explored. In this post, we are collecting some of the material
Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons – by Ali Hashim: It has been reported in the International press that one of the topics on the agenda of the recent Nawaz Sharif- Obama meeting recently was Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program and within the broad ambit of this topic, Pakistan’s rapid
Can Pakistan get its act together and break free of Hafiz Saeed? – by Anas Abbas: After Ramazan’s abstinence, patience and struggle, Eid heralds new beginnings and an atmosphere of bonhomie. In Quetta, you go for Eid prayers at the mosque in your new clothes amid hundreds of other men. You count your blessings by
Pakistan’s dismemberment day -by Arshad Mahmood:
Kashmir War and Jinnah’s folly — by Yasser Latif Hamdani: The fact of the matter is that the Kashmir War was entirely winnable had Jinnah acted at the right time, i.e. October 10, 1947. It was still winnable had General Gracey allowed mobilisation when ordered by Jinnah There is
Did Jinnah know about the Kashmir War? — by Ishtiaq Ahmed: Those who want us to believe that an obscure colonel forced Pakistan into a war without the knowledge of the top political leadership, especially someone of the stature of Jinnah, are insulting common sense In his comment, ‘Jinnah’s role
Jinnah’s role in the Kashmir War — by Yasser Latif Hamdani: The Supreme Commander of both Indian and Pakistan forces Sir Claude Auchinleck followed Mounbatten’s policy and advised the C in C of Pakistan Army to openly defy orders of the Pakistan Governor General In his article ‘The 1947-48 Kashmir
Zaid Hamid and Ghuzwa-i-Hind — by Tayyab Shah: Zaid Hamid and his followers will not shy away from using religious texts of doubtful authenticity, with totally wrong and self-serving interpretations, to promote war. But the Pakistani youth is no more willing to be at the receiving end
The 1947-48 Kashmir War — by Ishtiaq Ahmed: Take up any book published in Pakistan on the division of the common assets of the Indian Royal Armed Forces and you will find Pakistan, justifiably, claiming that it was not given a fair share of the tanks, guns
Terror, not India, the enemy, says ISI chief: LAHORE: Terrorism, and not India, is Pakistan’s greatest enemy, and Islamabad is distancing itself from conflict with New Delhi, Inter-Services Intelligence Director General Lt Gen Ahmad Shujaa Pasha has said, a private TV channel reported. According to the channel,
Indian military retaliation would play straight into LeT’s hands. – Praful Bidwai: There is no military option by Praful Bidwai Ultimately, it wasn’t superior firepower, sophisticated interception methods or commando training that explains how one of the Mumbai attackers was arrested alive. The key to that feat lies in the great
Islamabad says should war break out with New Delhi, the option of using nuclear weapons would not even be on the table in Pakistan.: Pakistan rejects nuke use against India Mon, 22 Dec 2008 13:20:18 GMT Students protesting over reports linking Pakistan to the Mumbai attacks in a demonstration in Islamabad Islamabad says should war break out with New Delhi, the option of
Media war and India-Pakistan tension: As the world worries about India and Pakistan going to war over the Mumbai attack of November 26, 2008, Pakistan is all set to take on India if it attacks. Defence ministry officials in Islamabad, responding to an intelligence
India ‘not a threat to Pakistan’ [President Zardari drops a bomb on the unholy Mullah-ISI alliance in Pakistan]: By Barbara Plett (BBC News, Islamabad) Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari says India has never been a threat to Pakistan, and that militants in Indian-administered Kashmir are terrorists. The unorthodox views run counter to those held by Pakistan’s military,