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Pakistani liberals and #ShiaGenocide: Nazis redux: We are the champions of liberalism and human rights in Pakistan. From late 1980s to 2013, we have remained silent on Shia genocide at the hands of Deobandi militants (ASWJ-LeJ) supported by certain elements in Pakistan army. If at
Name and Remind: Nadeem F. Paracha’s silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Mustafa: [poll id=”9″] Related posts: 71 Shia Muslims target killed in Pakistan during February 2012  58 Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan during January 2012 Nadeem F. Paracha is Pakistan’s leading progressive columnist whose articles and blogs are regularly published at
Name and Remind: Cyril Almeida’s silence on Shia massacres in Pakistan – by Mustafa: [poll id=”9″] Cyril Almeida is a famous columnist, reporter and assistant editor at Dawn newspaper. Cyril after having begun impressively seems to have fallen in line with the dominant pro-establishment discourse in the mainstream media! In the last year
Name and Remind: Nasim Zehra’s silence on Shia massacres in Pakistan – by Mustafa: [poll id=”9″] The present post is the first in LUBP’s series of Name and Remind articles aimed at encouraging and reminding progressive media persons to pay attention to the ongoing, silent genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Realistically, we
Progressive journalists’ silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan: Name and Remind Policy: [poll id=”9″] The Shia Muslims in Pakistan are the most targeted faith group in terms of sheer numbers. In the first 50 days of 2012 (from 1 Jan to 20 Feb), more than 100 Shias have been massacred through