Name and Remind: Cyril Almeida’s silence on Shia massacres in Pakistan – by Mustafa

Not unlike Nazi Germany's silence on holocaust, there is a culture of collective silence on Shia killings in Pakistan.

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Cyril Almeida is a famous columnist, reporter and assistant editor at Dawn newspaper.

Cyril after having begun impressively seems to have fallen in line with the dominant pro-establishment discourse in the mainstream media! In the last year or so, he has worked very hard to misrepresent the situation of Balochistan, besides creating confusion and spreading disinformation on several other fronts.

And indeed he consistently remains silent on Shia genocide in Pakistan!

At least three major massacres of Shia Muslims took place in the last two months (Jan-Feb 2012).

  • 15 January, Khanpur, Punjab, 34 Shias massacred
  • 17 February, Parachinar, FATA, 43 Shias massacred (at least 12 of them were killed by direct firing by Pakistan’s paramilitary forces)
  • 28 February, Kohistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 19 Shias massacred (most of them from Gilgit-Balistan)

In addition to the above three major incidents, there was an ongoing target killing of Shia Muslims in various provinces and areas of Pakistan, particularly in Karachi. In total, at least 132 Shias haver been killed in the last last two months whereas another 135 have been injured or maimed.

In numerical terms, Shia Muslims remain Pakistan’s most target killed faith group who are being killed by Pakistan army-sponsored Jihadi-sectarian militants (recently revived via Difa-e-Pakistan Conference).

Yet, all of this does not seem to have any impact on Pakistan’s star journalist Cyril Almeida, who, in line with Pakistani establishment’s unannounced policy, consistently ignores Shia genocide taking place in Pakistan.

Presented below is Cyril’s report card for 2012, the second post in LUBP’s Name and Remind Series!

@Cyalm’s (Cyril Almedia) 2012 Report Card

  • February 26, 2012: Cyril writes a lousy article on Balochistan, tries to create confusion, hoping that the state would ultimately weaken the Baloch resistance. His tailpiece (with a drib of shit) rejects the rumors that Musharraf knew about Osama’s hideout in Abbotabad.
  • February 19, 2012: Cyril does an Imran Khan by writing about – what he calls – the Adiala 11. Even the likes of Cyril Almeida can at times be expected to criticize the ISI or play the human rights/rule of law card in order to salvage some of their much-lost reputations (remember Ejaz Haider’s letter to Gen. Pasha?).
  • February 12, 2012: Cyril does his Khaki masters a service by arguing that the Army is not the all-powerful body in Pakistan. As is expected of a pseudo-intellectual serving the powerful (and typical of fascistic states), Cyril tries to create a smokescreen of confusion so that the ISI can continue ruling Pakistan from behind the scenes taking the plea of anarchy! Nothing is more dangerous than an ‘anarchy’ which is engineered and controlled – Cyril is enabling the ISI to fake anarchy, yet hold power!
  • February 5, 2012: After belaboring himself (and the reader) with over 1000 words, Cyril comes to the point: Mr. Zardari, listen to the Chief Justice and write a letter to the Swiss Courts, we don’t want the cases against you being dropped there.
  • January 29, 2012: Cyril tells us that General Kiyani is the think-skull among Pakistan’s thick-skull generals; he is pragmatic, perhaps a democrat too. The Government has so far survived because Pakistan has changed: the COAS is a democrat, and the media is free. However, if one reads between the lines, Cyril might well be mocking the other generals and tempting them to ask their chief to ‘do more’.
  • January 22, 2012: Cyril while eulogizing Iftikhar Chaudhary asks the government to suck the embrace: times have changed, and a transformative court has its role and reputation at stake if it doesn’t bring down the government. He asks the courts to ‘do justice’ to the PPP thugs, even if that causes the heavens to fall.
  • January 15, 2012: Cyril believes General Kiyani would bleed Zardari’s government to death; he asks Zardari to either pull the plug on the general, or wait for the latter to kick him out of office: a friendly advice, with ominous intentions.
  • January 8, 2012: Cyril on memogate! Deliberately confusing, because he’s slightly harsh on the army, and he knows the tin-hats are too dumb to understand anything beyond plain language.

Kia tum bhool gaye? Pakistani media’s silence on Shia genocide



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