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Consequences of Zia’s misrule and Talibanization: Wasted youth: Reflections on the British Council report By Nadeem F. ParachaSaturday, 21 Nov, 2009 Released today (Saturday 21 November), the Pakistan British Council’s hefty report titled, Pakistan: The Next Generation, encapsulates the economics, demographics and, more importantly, the
From Zion Hamid to Wali Azmat to Insaaf-e-Khan: The Pakistani extras of conspiracy theory: Extra! Extra! By Nadeem F. Paracha 19 November 2009 Islamabad, November 18: Famous anti-India TV personality, Zion Hamid, was caught yesterday watching Shakuntali, a popular Indian TV soap
International tolerance day – by Humza Ikram: Posted by: Jarri MirzaGuest blog: Humza Ikram Today world is celebrating International tolerance day but sadly Pakistani society is getting more and more intolerant. Our right wing
Pakistan politics and media: The abuse of Islam for political gains?: Smokers’ Corner: Speaking fireNadeem F. PARACHASunday, 15 Nov, 2009 A blogger makes a valid point in a recent blog on He suggests that the reason why recent election rallies in Gilgit-Baltistan are so diagonally different from those held
In defence of Murree Brewery: Unhappy hoursPosted by Nadeem F. Paracha (Dawn Blogs) I have been fortunate enough to travel across Europe and much of Asia in the last seven years. One learns so much by engaging with a variety of cultures, cuisines and
Beards: a trim history: Beards: a trim history By Nadeem F. Paracha Sunday, 04 Oct, 2009 (Dawn) It seems after all these years of searching for some kind of identity, many young Pakistanis
Go America Go, Jamaat-e-Islmai, General Zia-ul-Haq and the enemy within: Mullah Munawar Hassan’s column in today’s Jang for an anti-USA alliance in Pakistan:
In defence of reason: Nadeem F. Paracha Last week I was interviewed for a documentary on ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ produced by DawnNews. The format of the program required two people talking about a chosen topic – a thesis/anti-thesis arrangement. The other person on the
Secular Blunders – by Nadeem Paracha: Secular blunders Nadeem F. ParachaSunday, 05 Jul, 2009 | 01:44 AM PST Instead of containing the Islamist parties, ZABs constitutional concessions only emboldened them. — File Photo The late President Anwar El-Sadat of Egypt was assassinated in 1981 by