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ملتان کے انتخابات میں نواز لیگ اور پیپلز پارٹی کی بد ترین شکست – عامر خاکوانی: Source:
Balochistan: We need to understand all factors – by Amir Khakwani‏: Source: Daily Express
Private schools in Pakistan must focus on character building instead of spreading the English language complex – by Muhammad Amir Khakwani: Source: Express, 27 July 2010 Also of interest is the following extract from a lengthy article on this topic by Shamaila Ali Hasan: Discussing about the situation he (Javed) further writes: While the reason for students taking up English
Do not ignore the distinction between Deobandi jihadis and Salafi (wahhabi) jihadis in Pakistan: Many international and national analysts, scholars and journalist usually do not take into account some important distinctions between various jihadi and sectarian groups operating in Pakistan. In his op-ed (in daily Express, 7 June 2010), Muhammad Amir Hashim Khakwani
In qualified support of the facebook ban – by Muhammad Amir Khakwani: While a number of valuable articles have been posted on the LUBP criticising the facebook ban, here is an alternative, thought provoking perspective by Muhammad Amir Khakwani. Unlike our tradition, we are placing this newspaper article on the front
Why was Khalid Khwaja killed? – by Muhammad Amir Khakwani: Source: Express, 6 May 2010
Umar Farouk Abdul Muttalib – a typical end product of Hizb ut-Tahrir and the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists: Umar Farouk Abdul Muttalib (or  Omar Farouq Abdulmutallib), commonly known as the underwear bomber following his efforts to destroy Northwest Airlines Flight 253, is facing potential life imprisonment. This man seems to be a typical end product of the
Remembering Sohail Qalandar – by Muhammad Amir Khakwani and Latif Chaudhry: Muhammad Amir Hashim Khakwani remembers Sohail Qalandar in the following article:
Why is Imran Khan’s idea of dialogue with Taliban not workable? by Muhammad Amir Khakwani: Here is an op-ed by Muhammad Amir Hashim Khakwani describing the impracticality of a dialogue with the sectarian groups infested Pakistani (Punjabi) Taliban.
We must support Police in Pakistan’s war against Takfiri Deobandi terrorists: Here are two excellent articles by Dr Ayesha Siddiqa and Muhammad Amir Khakwani in appreciation of policemen sacrificing their lives in Pakistan’s war on terror.
Sufi, Tasawwuf and the Ghamidi School: A thought provoking op-ed by Muhammad Amir Khakwani
An analysis of situation in Swat – Muhammad Amir Hashim Khakwani:
Pakistan cannot restore peace in Swat and FATA unless it hits the current leadership of (Pakistani) Taliban –:
Swat: An analysis by Muhammad Amir Khakwani:
Osama Bin Laden and Pakistan’s (ISI’s) Strategic Mistake…. An analysis by Muhammad Amir Khakwani: