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Division by Mosques and Madaris – by H A Khan:   This morning after taking my breakfast I just opened a BBC Urdu site and  while holding a cup of tea in my hands I became so sad and couldn’t resist with some tears in my eyes. There was
Mosque at Ground Zero: Saudi wins America loses- by Imtiaz Baloch: The New York City Landmarks Commission unanimously allowed for the demolition of the Italianate building of 1857, near where the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers stood, and paves the way for the construction of the Cordoba House, a Mosque
Hindu families evicted for drinking water from mosque: with thanks : THENEWS Friday, July 09, 2010 By Rabia Ali Karachi As many as 60 Hindu men, women and children were forced into abandoning their homes in Memon Goth and taking refuge in a cattle pen all because
Message from the Mosque: A praiseworthy project by Mashal – by Awais Masood: The question regarding the root causes of religious extremism, fundamentalism and Talibanization holds a central position in our contemporary discourse. Is religious extremism, a product of abject poverty and impoverishment? Or is it an outcome of modernity? Is it the
366 killed in 7 attacks targeting mosques in 2009 – Report by Amir Mir: 7 December 2009 LAHORE: At least 366 innocent Pakistanis have been killed and 901 injured in the first 11 months of year 2009 in seven bloody incidents of terrorism across Pakistan, targeting mosques with the help of suicide bombers