Division by Mosques and Madaris – by H A Khan


This morning after taking my breakfast I just opened a BBC Urdu site and  while holding a cup of tea in my hands I became so sad and couldn’t resist with some tears in my eyes. There was a news of a private school in Lahore whose infrastructure was hit and burned by a group of rigid and extremist Muslims and the school which was giving the teaching of new hopes now became a dark place with its demise. I saw the mourning pics of the school staff and the female students holding placards in their hands with this line in Urdu language,( AGAR TAUHEEN MAZHAB KISI MASJID MAIN HOTI TO KIA AAP US MASJID KO BHEE JALA DETE).

According to latest news the bail is rejected from the lower court but on discriminatory basis as they are unable to provide any proof of the charge and bail is rejected just to satisfy the false status quo in our country. I am of this firm believe that if you look at the near past stories its very easy to learn that in Pakistan the major discrimination, hatred and the division is made by these mosques and maddressahs. You will hear all the mongering and hatred speeches in Jummah’s sacred sermons by our religious scholars. So much so even in the month of Ramadan they will burst with their hatred towards the other sects with their so called Islamic beliefs. Recently in past we had been the witness of the Shi genocide and the attack on the mosques of our Ahmadis brothers by these draconian and rigid people.

The sect of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat compromising of (Deobandi sects with SSP and  LEJ and with Hafiz Saeed)they just teach you to hate with all other sects even with Barelvi and Ahle Sunnat sects.They don’t consider them as true Muslims and I always say that Deobandi sect is the Wahabism in Pakistan whose ultimately cause is to make this country a barbaric nation with their draconian thoughts and beliefs. What  a pity on us when Malala was targeted by this sect and when Late Governor the Martyr Mr.Salman Taseer was brutally murdered by a draconian mullah in uniform.

Now seeing all things its very much clear that the divisions is sharply made by our Deobandi sect with all his forms starting from their Evil Vatican Deoband in Karachi and spreading in all over Pakistan but all other sects are also equally responsible in this division.I think that our state should follow the Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan where religious education is banned till the age of 18 years and state should ban all these maddressahs as time has come to stand against this draconian evil force who is destroying us and our generations.

I firmly believe that we must act together to stop this draconian brutality or else stop saying that Islam is a religion of peace when its true followers are just spreading the brutality against the innocent people. All mosques and maddressahs should be either monitored or be banned.


4 responses to “Division by Mosques and Madaris – by H A Khan”

  1. A brilliant article on a fundamental problem of our society, that has and is till today degenerating this society with massive speed. Some one has to start saying it out loud, what we all have been feeling and understanding for the last 25 or so years. These madarisses and mosques are destroying and filling the brains of millions with rigid,dogmatic ideology, we all are under threat with these reminiscences of soviet-afghar war. This has to stop and radical steps have to be taken now. There is really no other way anymore.

  2. You can never compare the murder of Salman Taseer, the wastrel with the murder attempt at Malala, never. Salman Taseer was the blasphemer, Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri is our hero.

  3. We are a sick society indeed, butchers like Mumtaz Qadri, Osama, Qasim are our heroes, tyrant murderers and such cowards are idealized in our text books, in our hippocratic media and lying cowardly megalomaniacs sort of leaders send praises to them on daily basis, Salman Taseer is our Hero, He should be our hero for defending a defenseless female from idiocy and these black lunatic laws. I sir completely disagree with Tehsin, Such mind set has deprived our society and has sent it to an dark oblivion, we have to realize that the requirements of the 21’st century have to be full filled otherwise all the miseries will continue to prosper and the problems at hand will only exaggerate.

  4. the article is great, our madrassas and mosques have become the centre of teaching hatred. Every group other than the one they are practicing are considered nearly non islamic, can be murdered. and members associated with them are intolerant and rigid.