Karsaz attack Archive

Deobandi terrorists continue to get a free ride while attacking Army and Navy assets – by Minahil Khan: According to Dawn and other media sources the investigation report by intelligence regarding the issue of Dock yard Assault has come out into the open. The attackers, according to the reports, were none other than Sindhi group of Taliban.
Takfiri ASWJ terrorism in Sindh: Will the PPP govt act to save the land of saints? – by Ahad Hussain: Sindh has been the center of Sufism and a haven for people who believed in a spiritual, pluralistic and peaceful version of Islam rather than faith enforced by terrorism. The Saints like Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast, Lal Shahbaz
Karachi Naval Dockyard Attack and the Deobandi ASWJ Connection – by A. K. Chishti: Karachi-based journalist Ali Chishti, himself a Deobandi, reveals that the terrorists killed in the 6 Sep 2014 attack on #Karachi Naval dockyard wanted to hijack a Pakistani Navy cruiser. Two (Deobandi takfiri) ASWJ activists along with four Naval Officials
Remembering Shuhda e Karsaz:     When she came, she saw and she wept with joy. When the state stood still, stunned and staggered before the Panorama of ‘Khalq e Khuda’. When streets of Karachi saw the zeal personified in ‘Ahl e Safa’