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Sham Hijab Conference: Prime Minister’s wife shouldn’t participate in a JI event: It is indeed a matter of concern for the progressive elements within Pakistan Peoples Party that Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf’s wife Nusrat Ashraf has accepted an invitation to participate as chief guest in Jamat Islami Pakistan’s organised event
Fashioning Moral Outrage – by XYZ: Oh wow. We’ve all become so used to the hyperbole of the Western and local language English press around Pakistan Fashion Weeks, that it is sometimes easy to forget how a significant section of society in Pakistan views them.
Daughters of Al Huda: A Farhat Hasmi enteprise – by Khaled Ahmed: We are wrong to look for terrorist tracts in the madrassa. The suicide bomber is not made through syllabi but through isolation from society. When we wish to produce a normal citizen we begin by socialising the child. Anyone
Would you permit me – by Nizar Kabbani: (this poem was originally shared on our forum by our esteemed contributor Javed Sheikh. You can join the discussion about it here) Would You Permit Me? نزار قباني Nizar Kabbani في بلاد يغتال فيها المفكرون، ويكفر الكاتب وتحرق الكتب،
Patriarchy the hijacker — by Dr Mahjabeen Islam: Testosterone-infused patriarchs have knowingly and unconsciously vilified Islam and misinterpreted it to satisfy their virginity-obsessed lusts. Either we accept promiscuity in our wives, daughters and daughters-in-law or work toward the simple standard of gender equity, spiritual and physical modesty
Aqsa Pervez : Who will speak for the Daughter of Pakistan?: The report by Natasha Fatah of the CBC is an eye opener for Canadians, Pakistanis and for everyone in general. It highlights the deleterous effects of excessive poliitcal correctness to the point where few, if any, are questioning the