Gojra Incident Archive

State apathy: Growing social bigotry & violence against minorities – by Zeeba Hashmi: A perception exists that laws, no matter how discriminatory they may be in Pakistan for minorities, are exercised in general at the behest of some law practitioners who try to keep the victims away from mob-troubles. Those publically accused
Pakistan: The Troubles Continue -by Sybil Daniel: In August 2009, a mob of religious bigots took seven lives in Gojra, Pakistan, which has a Christian minority, and the whole village was set ablaze. This violent act continued for five hours and busloads of people joined the
Laws that insult reason and justice -by Peter Jacob: The point that our religious parties seem to ignore is that the fault lies within the content and intent of the blasphemy laws themselves. The assumptions and the very scheme of these laws are manifested to be at cross-purposes
PML-N leader and supporters bulldoze a Church:     Lahore: ┬áHundreds of Christians protestors block Raiwind-Lahore Road when staged protest in front of Chief Minister Punjab Farmhouse in Raiwind on bulldozing a Church was bulldozed by an influential Muslim[leagues] to grab Church land on November 15,
Floods and Minorities in Pakistan: Fr. Emmanuel Asi, President of the Lahore Biblical Theological Institute and a member of the directive committee of the Theological Institute for Laity in Pakistan, as well as expert in interreligious dialogue, was recently interviewed by the press office