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Indifference of Pakistani government and media to looming disaster in Hunza – by Irfan Siddiqi and Ghazi Salahuddin: While most journalist and anchors in Pakistani media are more interested in Shoaib-Sania marriage, Jamshed Dasti’s by elections etc, Irfan Siddiqi must be commended for his persistent attention to a looming tragedy about to happen in a far off
In the name of religion – by Ghazi Salahuddin: Sunday, December 13, 2009 This insane surge in terror bombings early this week is bound to prey on our minds. Yes, the instinctive response is likely to be that of utter dejection. Still, the situation calls for some soul-searching.
Jinnah, Jaswant and the BJP: An analysis by Aakar Patel and Ghazi Salahuddin: Jinnah, Jaswant and the BJP Sunday, August 23, 2009Aakar Patel Jaswant Singh has not been expelled from the BJP for his book on Jinnah. He could not have been, because it does not say anything untrue. Very quickly, this
Barbarians at the gate – by Ghazi Salahuddin: Sunday, December 21, 2008 There has been no dearth, for some time, of foreign experts and analysts who imply that Pakistan is becoming a failed state. That Nawaz Sharif should now have reasons to corroborate this assessment is surely
Americans voted for Barack Hussein Obama, the rulers in Pakistan appointed Israrullah Zehri and Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani as ministers.: Our patch of darknessSunday, November 09, 2008by Ghazi Salahuddin At a time when the world is illuminated by the miracle of democracy, manifested in the election of an Afro-American as president of the United States of America, we remain