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Audit of secret fund exposes anomalies in ministry – by Nasir Iqbal:   ISLAMABAD, July 6: The audit of the information ministry’s special publicity funds, popularly known as List A, carried out by the Directorate General of Audit has exposed weak internal controls and expenditures made without adhering to legal procedures.
People’s government suggesting universities to generate resources of their own – by Usman Qazi: Link to the LUBP Forum discussion on this topic: ملک کو درپیش قدرتی اور مالیاتی بحران کے پس منظر میں محترمہ شہناز وزیرعلی کا بیان نظر سے گزرا جس میں ان کا روے سخن صحت اور تعلیم، خصوصا