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Islamofacists’ allergy to football, from Afghanistan to Somalia: A Somali football fan adjusts the Television set for the group D game between Ghana and Serbia Photo: EPA Unbeleivable as it may sound but according to news reports Somali religious extremists have banned watching soccer matches on TV
Wavin’ Flag – by K’naan and David Bisbal: FIFA World Cup 2010 theme song Somalian-born, Canadian-based hip-hop artist K’Naan (Keinan Abdi Warsame, Somali: Keynaan Cabdi Warsame, Arabic: كنعان عبدي ورسمه‎) has spoken about the “unity and celebration” that will connect with his song “Wavin’ Flag,” after it
Pakistan fans back Brazil for 2010 FIFA World Cup – by Peter John: Pakistan fans back Brazil for African Cup Win Ask anyone to give you the first words that come to mind when they hear the term Brazilian soccer and most likely the response will include answers such as the world’s