Pakistan fans back Brazil for 2010 FIFA World Cup – by Peter John

Pakistan fans back Brazil for African Cup Win

Ask anyone to give you the first words that come to mind when they hear the term Brazilian soccer and most likely the response will include answers such as the world’s best football players and the fact that Brazil has been dominating soccer for some time signifies that it is the most successful nation in previous World Cups held so far.

To the masses, worldwide Brazilian soccer consists of some of the greatest players in history along with countless international trophies.

Brazil is a team that also gets extra-ordinary support from Pakistan’s economic hub Karachi’s violence struck area of Lyari. Despite the lack of facilities, when football season arrives, they leave no stone unturned.

And what better proof of their loyalty than the fact that despite continuous killings in the area, the people of Lyari have still come out to paint their houses under the colours of their favourite teams, with flags of all the participating countries being present there and of course posters of their favourite football stars being visible in every nook and corner of the area. But then, which team is enjoying the most support?

A trip down to Lyari can explain these fabulous preparations as well as ask a group of fans in the local football field enjoying a game of soccer, as to who they support. And the answer was not much of a surprise. In one chorus, everyone in Lyari without thinking twice shouted the word – BRAZIL.

Thus with history favouring the men in yellow, football fans all the way from Pakistan to South Africa are tipping the five-time world champions Brazil to win the first ever World Cup finals held on African soil.

Even the Reuters poll of more than 12,000 football enthusiasts in 23 nations tipped Brazil to triumph, with a total of 31 percent people supporting the South American nation.

Brazil have given us some of the most magical moments over the years as they have already won the World Cup five times and are looking forward to add to their kitty in this year’s edition of the FIFA World Cup. This is especially after the bad luck that Brazil saw in 2006 as they were knocked out in the quarterfinals by the French.

But this year the outfit seems quite in sync, with the coaching being looked after by past World Cup winner Dunga, lead by captain Lucio and centred around the masterful Kaka.

Brazil’s last two friendly games in Africa have so far been a success. They defeated Zimbabwe by 2-0, followed by a 5-1 thrashing of Tanzania. The performances made a strong statement that here is a team ready to sweep away teams from the lowest to the highest ranking.

Brazil will now start their World Cup campaign by playing their first game in Johannesburg’s Ellis Park Stadium against Korea DPR before their big clash with Cote d’Ivoire in the same city’s Soccer City Stadium.

They will then make their first trip outside Johannesburg when they travel to Durban to face Portugal.

The game against Korea is on Tuesday and Brazilian players say they will treat every game seriously.

Brazil’s midfielder Elano says that Korea DPR is a strong outfit with a good midfield and they have to respect them just like any other good team in the world.

Argentina will also be opening their campaign at Johannesburg’s Ellis Park Stadium against Nigeria and then will then play Korea Republic at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.

Now since both the teams are in the same city, the two south Americas two power houses Brazil and Argentina thought why not create a bit of a drama as the rivalry of words between Brazil and Argentina is already at full steam.

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