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Energy Fraud: Nawaz Sharif’s advisor Musaddiq Malik, Mian Mansha and Abdullah Yousuf in Power Plant Scam:         A letter about the energy policy, blaming a gang of four for what is described as a con operation, had the parliamentary corridors on fire. The thrust of the letter was that the IPPs are
Loadshedding riots in Faisalabad: Shahbaz Sharif doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine – by Mahpara Qalandar: Editor’s note: The Media-Judiciary-PML N-Fake Civil Society nexus has played a horrible role in misinforming the public about the crippling power crisis facing Pakistan. In the short-lived PPP government lead by Benazir Bhutto from 1993-96, a number of power
LUBP supports PTI in its quest for energy generation – by Mahpara Qalandar: The newly-installed PTI government has announced that it might start deliberations on building a dam in the KP to deal with the power crisis which has engulfed not only the KP, but the entire country. We at LUBP commend
WAPDA refrendum 2013: the turning point – by H.A.Khan: 29th May, 2013 the labourers of the wapda will once again caste their vote to select their Union. For the last 04 years they had been choosing Hydro as their soul voice to work for their better rights in
War with NATO, suicide for Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha: A low-intensity military conflict between Pakistan and the United States is going on in Afghanistan and along the Pak-Afghan border since the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Both sides have been using proxies and guerrilla war tactics
Political Point Scoring amid Energy Crisis – Riaz Ali Toori: There was a momentary period of satisfaction and fulfillment that followed some mind blowing statements by one of the mainstream political leader. It was just a few months back that PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif vowed not to derail
Pakistan, theatre of U.S energy war–by Shiraz Paracha: As the theatre of the U.S initiated war moves to Pakistan the Pakistani military feels cornered and its commanders are looking for internal unity and reaching out to new and old foreign friends. Interestingly, perhaps for the first time,
Zardari for out of box solutions to meet energy needs: * USAID to build 150MW wind power plant in Sindh * President calls for phasing out of gas geysers in government buildings KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari, on Tuesday, called for stepping up search for an out of the
China plans 1-gigawatt N-power plant in Pakistan: China plans 1-gigawatt N-power plant in Pakistan Source: Dawn, September 21, 2010 BEIJING, Sept 20: China’s main nuclear energy corporation is in talks to build a 1gigawatt atomic power plant in Pakistan, an executive said on Monday. China has
Iran to India: Energy alliance between South and Central Asia – by Shiraz Paracha: (Map source) LUBP Exclusive Pakistan and India both face energy shortages but this crisis can be turned into a huge opportunity if (and there is big if) India and Pakistan are able to form an alliance that also includes
US Cautions on Iran-Pakistan Pipeline – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: In a move widely expected, the US has cautioned Pakistan that because of sanctions on Iran, Pakistan should be careful of committing to the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline. However, it is important to note the context of this caution that
Power Crisis – IPPs do not present a solution – by Nadeem Khan: There is a huge question mark on the power generation as compared to the rated installed capacity which is very much high as against the demand of the country. The reason of short fall is only non payment to
Thar coal energy project: Thank you, President Zardari: Munno Bhai analyses a good news from Sindh:
Who is behind the attacks on WAPDA offices? Who is manufacturing violent demonstrations against the democratic government?: Who is behind the attacks on WAPDA offices? Who is manufacturing violent demonstrations against the Federal Government in the guise of protests against load-shedding and electricity bills? Beware of the unholy nexus of Jamaat-e-Islami and ISI. Shahbaz Sharif must