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An anathema for the system:   In a recently held entry test for the Punjab medical colleges, even a student scoring 93 per cent marks in F.Sc failed to make it to any government-run institution offering instruction in medicine. The situation is alarming to
جعلی ڈگریاں – از فہمیدہ ریاض: یہ پرانی بات ہے لیکن جب ہم اسکول مین پڑھتے تھے تب سنا کرتے تھے کہ امریکی ڈگریوں کا کوی اعتبار نہیں ۔ وہاں جعلی ڈگریاں بیچی جاتی ہیں ۔اس زمانے کے بہت بعد تک ، اعلی تعلیم کے
Reading to Purpose in the Age of Internet – by AZ:   Challenged by the Digital Age, one thing I have learnt is that, Reading, like any other valuable human activity, must not be reduced to a dull level of mere mechanicalness but must be directed to some well-defined purpose.
Flaws hovering over Pakistan’s education system – by Tasbeeh Fayaz Al: As characterized by a wise man, “Education is the third eye of a man”. This ‘third eye’ has been accentuated upon by the article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan , which obligates the government to ensure quality and free education for in
Pakistan Continues to Perpetuate Inequalities in Education – by A Z: Pakistan’s education has been woefully underfunded by the state for decades and the new budget does little to change that. Higher Education is very important but how building a pyramid top down makes sense? This is what our new