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Descent into anarchy – or love for dictatorship? – by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla: A group of ’self-proclaimed’ intellectuals has waged a crusade against present government sine it took power in Islamabad after showing an exit to dictator. The group has announced several dates in past when government was supposed to be overthrown
Changing realities of Afghanistan — by Dr Manzur Ejaz: Afghanistan’s political economy is drastically changing. The investments by China, India, Central Asian countries and Iran are changing the future prospects of Afghanistan. Furthermore, the Afghans’ migration to Western countries and socio-political experiences of millions of refugees in Pakistan,
Pakistan’s low-cost housing needs — by Syed Mohammad Ali: In big metropolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore, housing projects often get started with little idea of urban planning to link them with roads and the required infrastructure. Unless these processes begin to take place simultaneously, new housing developments
In Pakistan we are fighting for our lives – by Asif Ali Zardari: In Pakistan we are fighting for our lives We will defeat the terrorists. Our security is backed up by democracy and a strong economy By Asif Ali Zardari Thanks: The Guardian 1 March 2010 When I was elected president
Development assistance: Impediment or facilitator? – by Junaid Qaiser: Individualland Pakistan, on 20 February, 2010 , organized a seminar on the issue of “Examining Development Assistance”. Representatives from civil society, media and education sector participated in the discussion. In her welcome remarks and context setting address, Individualland’s Director
Strategic depth for Pakistan lies within Pakistan – by Kamran Shafi: It is within us By Kamran Shafi Tuesday, 09 Feb, 2010 THERE has been a veritable raft of statements from the chief of army staff in the very recent past on ‘strategic depth’ for Pakistan in Afghanistan. Variously: “we
“Bonus season at the IMF” – Not institutions we destroyed: By Ahmad Nadeem Gehla Institutions of a state are always the first causality of  dictatorship. Although dictatorships promote a feeling of ’stability’ which encourages the investor, the absence of institution soon takes away the fruits of stability. The house of cards built by
Taliban, social emancipators, and political economy – by Ishtiaq Ahmed: The ideas of human dignity and decency as understood by modern people are anathema to the Taliban. Wherever the Taliban juggernaut has run roughshod, it has crushed under its deadweight, writes Ishtiaq Ahmed
Some confusions about economic progress – by Ali Arqam (Articles by Nimer Ahmad): معاشی موشگافیوں سے جڑی کچھہ کنفیوژنز پاکستان میں آج جب کہ بی بی سی کے ایک نامہ نگار کے بقول ہر کوئی 23روپے خرچ کرکے ایک انگریزی اور ایک اردو اخبار خرید کر دانشور بن سکتا ہے۔اس جملے میں
Where did the funds go?: As the Obama Administration focuses more on the social sectors of the Pakistani economy and separates its aid to Pakistan under the Kerry-Lugar Bill from assistance to the Pakistan Army, new information about how the old US funds were
The PPP Government audits the defence budget; Nawaz Sharif proposes reconciliation with India: Defence budget details provided to parliament Monday, 24 Aug, 2009 Such comprehensive details about the budgets of the army, air force and navy have been provided for the first time to the parliament, said informed sources. – File photo
Taliban militancy in Pakistan enabled through balck economy: Militancy & black economy By Syed Irfan Ashraf Sunday, 22 Mar, 2009 (Dawn) WHILE analysts cite ‘ideology’ as the chief factor responsible for the rising militancy in the country, it is unfortunate that little attention is being paid to
Major relief to people in the shape of reduction in oil prices and also in load-shedding….: While we are keen to criticize Zardari and PPP on what we consider their failings, we must also appreciate any positive steps taken by the government. POL prices substantially reduced in Pakistan. Sunday, November 16, 2008 (The News)Petrol price
Local disparities in Punjab – PIDE Report: GENERALISATIONS mask reality and lead to oversimplified, sweeping judgments. One such judgment of our times is that Punjab is getting rich at the expense of the rest of the country. Though generally true, this hides certain specifics that clearly
Pakistan Is Striving to Avoid IMF Aid as Economy Worsens: The Wall Street Journal – NOVEMBER 5, 2008 Zardari in New Bid for Saudi Help By MATTHEW ROSENBERG and ZAHID HUSSAIN ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — In dire need of financial help to stave off an economic collapse and beat back
In Pakistan: ‘Everyone is an economist’ including Javed Chaudhry: ‘Everyone is an economist’ With global and national economies coinciding in their historic downturn, it is open season for all kinds of theorisers in English and Urdu to offer doomsday diagnoses of the “I-told-you-so” variety. Pakistan is condemned by
Friends of Taliban are responsible for Pakistan’s economic crisis: The blood thirsty beasts of the conservative parties in Pakistan, namely: Jamaat Islami, Imran Khan, Hamid Gul, and other agents of ISI and Taliban… By Asadullah Ghalib
Pakistan needs financial and logistic aid to sustain the war on terror: Global crisis and war on terrorismThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned on Saturday that “debt-ridden banks were pushing the global financial system to the brink of meltdown” and “the rich nations had so far failed to restore confidence”. According