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مدیر ویو پوائنٹ اور فرحت تاج کے نام: کیا یہ صحافتی، علمی اخلاقیات کے مطابق ہے؟: تعمیر پاکستان ویب سائٹ کے بانی سابق ایڈیٹر عبدل نیشا پوری نے پشتون علاقوں میں دیوبندی تکفیری آئیڈیالوجی کے پھیلاؤ اور اس کے نتیجے میں پشتون معاشرے کے اندر پھیلنے والی انتہا پسندی اور دھشت گردی کے اثرات کا
External and internal stereotypes about Pashtuns: Misppropriation of Pashtun nationalism by Deobandi terrorists – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Editor’s note: In this valuable analysis (Dawn, 2 March 2014), Nadeem Paracha shows that not only colonial and non-Pashtun writers but also Pashtuns themselves have played a role in constructing and reinforcing certain stereotypes and myths about Pashtuns. For
Hit and left to die – by S Khalid Husain: The Punjab chief secretary left the scene of the accident after his chauffeur-driven vehicle knocked down and killed an ex-army officer; this was a cold-blooded act no different from that of a hit-and-run driver. This was a grave error
Meera’s English and our colonial hang-ups: Our colonial hang-ups Fly on the wall Thursday, November 12, 2009 (The News) Zafar Khalid Farooq We Pakistanis love to mock. As a nation we enjoy nothing more than sneering at other people’s behaviour and pretensions — especially those