Bullying Archive

Why do anti-establishment activists use pen names in Pakistan?: In Pakistan, the fate of anti-establishment writers and activists is very clear. Just refer to how prominent Asia Times correspondent Syed Saleem Shahzad was killed and dumped for being critical of the ISI due to its supports to Jihadist
Sana Saleem, a Pakistani rights activist, gangs up with pro-establishment “fake liberals” to silence critical bloggers: Sana Saleem, a Pakistani blogger known for activism on elitist, selective and profitable causes, was found ganging up with pro-establishment fake liberals and a pro-Taliban Deobandi cleric in order to rationalize and reinforce harassing and silencing of liberal Pakistani
Bullying of media- by Ali Waqas: Yesterday was the most shameful day for Pakistan but it wasn’t less than a treat for people who still believe a “Zia” will appear out of thin air as Mehdi or something. Although there is no video evidence of