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تیز ترک گامزن منزل مانددور نیست: جہاں آرا منظور وٹو ۔۔۔۔: بالآخر پاکستان کی سیاسی تاریخ میں پہلی مرتبہ عوام کی منتخب آئینی، جمہوری حکومت اپنی آئینی مدت پوری کرنے جا رہی ہے۔ جمہوریت جس کے چراغ آج دنیا بھر میں روشن ہو رہے ہیں، جس کو آج دنیا بھر
The BISP and the coming election -by Dr Pervez Tahir: Chided by an anchor for ignoring the Bhutto promise of roti, kapra aur makan, Mr Zardari retorted by referring to the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). With election rallies beginning to catch the public mood, he followed it up
Well done Pakistan Peoples Party -by Raja M Asad Abbas: While going through the news channels and searching through the internet I just saw columns stories news All against Pakistan Peoples Party then I just realize that why shouldn’t we defend the party government is working day and night
TFT Interview with Asad Sayeed: A new agenda for Pakistan: I visit the LUBP site almost daily and my compliments for the great service you are providing. Attached is an interview that TFT did on welfarism a couple of weeks ago. If you think it is relevant and useful,
Ghareeb ka choolha – by Sarfraz Anwar:
A perspective on Benazir Income Support Programme — by Syed Mohammad Ali: The politics of poverty alleviation The programme seeks to provide direct assistance, specifically to women. Thus, besides empowering them economically, it encourages them to seek national identity cards as a precondition to obtain disbursals, which it considers crucial for