Well done Pakistan Peoples Party -by Raja M Asad Abbas

While going through the news channels and searching through the internet I just saw columns stories news All against Pakistan Peoples Party then I just realize that why shouldn’t we defend the party government is working day and night to make PAKISTAN strong.

But the biased media is not showing the works done by PPP for the nation and for this country and in my opinion these works couldn’t be done by any other party I am not going in the past that What PPP has done for this country but I am referring to these three years of PPP.

The developmental packages are not included in this article just the important works which PPP has done in these 3 years.

1 Wasela-e-Haq

2 Benazir Income Support Program

3 Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Baluchistan Package

4 Inauguration of More than 10 Small and Big Dams

5 Benazir Tractor Scheme For Small Scale farmers

6 80 Thousand Jobz only through Karachi Textile City

7 1100+ MW electricity Induced in National Grid

8 43800 Acres Of Land distributed among Landless Hares

9 More than 300000 jobs have been given to Youth

10 Reinstatement of Sacked Employs

11 115 percent Increase In Pays of Government Employs

12 Reinstatement of 4500+ Workers of Kesc In 2010

13 Benazir Employs Stock Option Scheme

14 Maximum Pay of Labour Increased from 4600 to 7000

15 20000 People Given Rickshaws so that they Can Earn their Living

16 Shaheed Benazir Apna Gahr Scheme for PIA Workers

17 Sino-Pak Neculear Deal

18 Allotment of Homes to Poor people Through Benazir Behn Basti Scheme

19 Benazir Life Insurance Scheme for Poors(10 Lac of the Families have been Registered)

20 Rs 1 Lac for Every flood Effected

21 developmental Budget increased by 300 Billion PKR 22 Houses allotted to Poor under Benazir Model Housing Scheme

23 Empowerment Of Gilgit Baltistan

24 Combined NFC Award

25 With the Support of the Nation Starting Operation Against Militants

26 Women Securing Bills

27 Food Security Initiatives

28 Constitutional Reforms 18th and 19th Amendments

29 Foreign Reserves from 6.6 to 18 billion dollars

30 Increase in GDP Declared By International Economy Conf.

31 Investment Rising from 18 to 38 billion

32 TAPI Gas Pipe Line agreement

33 Iran Pakistan gas Agreement

34 Internal Debt Reducing from 580 to 420 billion Rs

35 Gas Fields Found In Pakistan

36 Benazir Zarai Card Scheme for Small Scale framers

37 Sale price of Wheat Par MAN Increased from 450 to 950 Rs per MAN

As PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani said while addressing a public gathering at Muzafargragh at the election campaign Of Jamshed Ahmed Khan Dasti that when After 5 years we will come Back to You then we will say wasn’t it enough that We did for You.

What I can say upon this is that Mr PM it is not enough but will be more than enough at the end of your term, what I can say is Just

Well done Pakistan Peoples Party



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