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Extremist Deobandis (Taliban) massacre 45 Salarzai Pushtuns in Bajaur: Related articles: SOS: Who will save the anti-Taliban Salarzai tribes from the wrath of the ISI and the Taliban? Attacking the jirgas is a sign of weakness in the Taliban At least 45 people have been killed and nearly
A collection of Taliban “night letters” to Afghan women: As the Taliban in Bajaur blew up another girls’ primary school just yesterday it might be relevant to look at some details of Taliban threats against women as documented in a recent Human Rights Watch report Many people are
A plea for Bara IDPs — by Farhat Taj: The IDPs request the government to open vocational centres in the camp for training in employable skills like carpentry, masonry, welding, electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. The IDPs also request for vocational centres for income generation and skill development purposes
Who rules Bajaur ?? Talibans or Govt. of Pakistan ???: Bajaur TTP declares amnesty for anti-Taliban elders !!! Suicide attacks to continue : Maulvi Umer KHAR: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Bajaur Agency on Monday declared amnesty for all anti-Taliban tribal elders and appealed to internally displaced persons (IDPs)
Bajaur’s IDPs – stories of the silent victims of the Taliban brutalities….: Bajaur’s IDPs – our wretched of the earth Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Farhat Taj I spend a whole day with the internally displaced people, IDPs, from Bajaur in a camp near Peshawar. I went from tent to tent to
Attacking the jirgas is a sign of weakness in the Taliban: Bajaur: attacking the jirgas The Salarzai tribe that had begun to oppose the Taliban in Bajaur has been attacked near the town of Khar, the headquarters of Bajaur tribal agency. Their jirga was attacked by a suicide bomber who
Pakistan’s Army is successfully achieving its aims in operation against terrorists in Bajaur…: Bajaur: an interim assessment The Frontier Corps (FC) inspector-general in Bajaur, Major-General Tariq Khan, has told visiting journalists that the army has flushed out militants from some of their strongholds and regained control of most of the troubled spots,
Ordinary people in Swat battle Taliban: Swat lashkar battles Taliban * Tribesmen kill 20 Taliban after botched attempt to abduct an elder* Taliban behead one tribesman, kill 6 others* 62 tribesmen ‘abducted’* 3 civilians killed as Taliban target barbershop* 11 Taliban killed in Bajaur Agency
Question: Why is the military action failing in Pakistan’s tribal areas?: In his field report for BBC Urdu, Abdul Haye Kakar reveals that despite the ostensibly forceful military operation in Bajaur, the Taliban have full control of 4 out of 7 Tehsils in the area. Why? Because the tunnel-visioned ideologues
Is the USA doublecrossing Pakistan in FATA: Bajaur: the crucial test Reports are that terrorists known as Taliban are crossing the border from the Kunar province in Afghanistan to fight against the Pakistani forces in Bajaur and other areas. Pakistan has informed the US about this
‘Stability in Bajaur within two months’: * FC IG says 1,000 Taliban, 63 soldiers killed in operation* Says 65% of problem would be eliminated if Taliban defeated in Bajaur KHAR/TANG KHATTA: The situation in Bajaur Agency will be stabilised within two months, the Frontier Corps