Ayman Al Zawahiri Archive

Exclusive: transcript of the intercepted al-Qaeda phone call that sparked embassy closures: Thanks to our sources in the US State Department, we have obtained the transcript of the al-Qaeda telephone call that sparked temporary US embassy closures in the Middle East and worldwide travel warnings. The conversation between al-Qaeda global leader
Al-Qaeda infiltrating Syrian opposition – Washington Post: Members of al-Qaeda have infiltrated Syrian opposition groups, and likely executed recent bombings in the nation’s capital and largest city, the United States’ top intelligence official said Thursday. The remarks by Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper are
Zardari or Zawahiri? – by Ali Sher Mussali: Official discourse of Pakistan army and its proxies Pakistan Army has done “extraordinarily well” in the history of Pakistan. Yes, we need army otherwise India, Israel and America will control our arsenals. And yes, for this we have to
Why Muslims reject modernity- by Khaled Ahmed: Today, nothing negates modernity more than jihad. It undermines the nation-state, and destroys the state that organises it. The scattering of the Pakistani state is owed to it. It is often said that Muslims in the 21st century have