Zardari or Zawahiri? – by Ali Sher Mussali

Official discourse of Pakistan army and its proxies

Pakistan Army has done “extraordinarily well” in the history of Pakistan. Yes, we need army otherwise India, Israel and America will control our arsenals. And yes, for this we have to allow them to bread and rear non-state actors sectarian jihaids and Arab terrorists by using our foreign loans and our taxes!!!

Fact: Saudi Funded Jihad Enterprise of Pakistan Army

General Musharraf’s agencies facilitated Taliban and now it is proven beyond doubt that Pakistani generals are providing security to top Islami militants in their bunkers for a very long time. My Allah bless them with patience on the death of their leader (OBL).

OBL was in constant contact with Saudis for money. At least three phone calls were made from Pakistan. Pakistan army was only courier between OBL and Saudis.

I suggest that Pak Army should gift nuclear assets to Saudi and let us live as peaceful humans and our brave army should go to save their Saudi masters. There may be many safe houses in Pakistan for Arabic terrorists sponsored by Jamat Islami, PTI, and retired and serving army officers.

Zardari or Zawahiri?

In my view, PPP is the only party which always tried to rein in ‘super power’ military of Pakistan and sacrificed its leadership in return.

I remember that president Zardari’s policy statement “his country will not be the first to use nuclear weapons against India” had shattered Pakistan’s military establishment.

After that the military and its various proxies (organizationals and individuals) made several attempts against this PPP government, e.g., restoration of CJ, attack on Mumbai, re-opening of rustic cases against AAZ, killings of Shahbaz Bhatti and Salmaan Taseer etc. However, PPP coalition government was able to persevere through political reconciliation and constitutional legislation.

It must not be ignored that Pakistan army and its spy agencies are not only political but violent and bloodthirsty. They have killed PPP brilliant leadership with whom we were much hopeful for real change in Pakistan. Now if Zardari tries to be much brilliant then they may as well kill him, his children and other PPP leadership (the way they have eliminated BB, Taeer and Bhatti in the last few years). If it happens, it will doubtless create more mayhem and hopelessness in this country.

If our civilian politicians are not in a position to fight our Mulla military
they should call Friends of Pakistan and the UN for effective intervention. Otherwise our next president will not be Zardari but Zawahiri.



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