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آئی ایس آئی کے سابق سربراہ جنرل اسد درانی کے سفاک انکشافات: آرمی پبلک اسکول پشاور میں ڈیڑھ سو طالبعلموں کا قتل محض ایک کولیٹرل ڈیمیج (ضمنی نقصان) تھا۔ بڑے کھیلوں میں اس طرح کی قیمت ادا کرنی پڑتی ہے اور اس طرح کے نقصانات برداشت کرنا پڑتے ہیں، ریاستی امور
Ummul Khabais Soch – by Imam Bakhsh: ام الاخبائث سوچ کو شکست دینا ہوگی تحریر: امام بخش ۱۹۵۲ سے لے کر آج تک ھماری فوجی قیادت ہمیشہ سے سمجھتی آئی ہے کہ پاکستان میں ہر چیز اس کے تابع ہونی چاہیےاور ملک کے ہر معاملے میں
List of politicians and journalists bribed by Pakistan Army (ISI): Here is an affidavit submitted by the ex-chief of Pakistan’s ISI General Asad Durrani to the Supreme Court in 1994. The list exposes many sacred names who were part of the Mullah Military Alliance (Army’s support for the right
A perspective on Ex-Servicemen’s Association: Rauf Klasra: Hamid Gul, Asad Durrani, Aslam Beg are the real saviours of this nation.
We never learn from history. Hamid Gul, Aslam Beg and other corrupt Generals of the ISI – by Ardeshir Cowasjee: Hamid Gul, Aslam Beg, Roedad Khan, Akhtar Abdur Rehman, Zia-ul-Haq, Rafiq Tarar, the long list of criminals of ISI … By Ardeshir Cowasjee We never learn from history By Ardeshir Cowasjee The indefatigable old warrior of our skies is
ISI WITHIN ISI: EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – By B. Raman: On July 26,2008, the Pakistan Government placed the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) under the direct control of the Interior Division. 2.A notification issued before the departure of Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani for Washington for
Restructuring the ISI — Part I By Shaukat Qadir: By Shaukat Qadir There is little doubt that the entire intelligence and security system in Pakistan needs revamping, but not the way the Americans want it After a series of accusations against Pakistan’s premier intelligence organisation, the Inter-Services Intelligence