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True Colours: Saudi Arabia resorts to slander to tarnish both Iraq and Arbaeen:   I don’t think this quote has ever rung more pertinently true. I also think that Saudi Arabia’s recent faux-pas towards Iraq and Shia Islam most brilliantly exemplified the abominable sectarian nature of the kingdom’s dogmatic aberration: Wahhabism. Earlier
Hussain ibn Ali – martyr among martyrs:   With Arbaeen about to reach its ultimate climax coming November 21 I found myself pondering over the state we find ourselves in as Muslims … We stand a people divided for a lack of humility. God knows I
Arbaeen – Millions rise to answer Imam Hussain’s last call: In less than a week millions of pilgrims will come together to commemorate the passing of their Imam: Hussain ibn Ali – Islam’s greatest martyr and beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. In less than a week the world
The great pilgrimage of Arbaeen – How Hussain ibn Ali cried Freedom:     “If you do not have any religion, then at least be free (open-minded) in your present life” – Imam Hussain In less than a fortnight millions of people will gather in Karbala, Iraq, to commemorate the martyrdom