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عرب بہار، شامی انقلاب اور فرقہ پرست سیکولر – جوزف دھر/عامر حسینی: جوزف دھر جوکہ شام میں انقلابی تحریک کے ایک سرگرم دانشور رہے ہیں انقلاب شام کے بارے میں ابتک گردش کرنے والے سوالات کے جوابات دینے کے لیے انھوں نے اپریل 2014ء میں یہ مضمون لکھا تھا اور یہ
Radical Salafi and Deobandi autumn, not Arab spring – by Chris Cork:     The writer is editorial consultant at The Express Tribune, news junkie, bibliophile, cat lover and occasional cyclist. The Arab Spring was never aptly named — for one thing it is a coinage of the West rather than
What Arab Spring? This is Saudi Winter! – by Abdul Basit: Related post: Saudi winter in the Middle East and Hamas militants’ attack on Shia Muslims in Gaza The public lynching and gruesome murder of Libyan dictator Maumar Qaddafi is not a matter to be celebrated; rather it represents another victory for
Alleged Iranian plot to murder Saudi ambassador: A new diversion tactic by the Saudi-Ikhwan lobby: There are a number of serious questions about the whole episode, i.e, the alleged Iranian plot to murder Saudi ambassador to the USA. Timing of the alleged plot or expose is quite meaningful. Saudi Arabia is currently facing a
De-legitimizing Islamic Fundamentalism – By Hammad Khan: “Hypocritical”. “Selfish”. “Oppressive” – these are just a few of the many negative words used to describe the US foreign policy in most of the Muslim-majority countries. According to the Pew Center’s survey of global attitudes, “most of the