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Ali Moeen Nawazish and Samad Khurram reject conspiracies against CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry: Related post: My hero is Samad Khurram ميں نہيں مانتا، ميں نہيں جانتا علي معين نوازش مجھے آج تک تين نومبر 2007 ء کا دن ياد ہے جيسے يہ کل کي بات ہو، ميں صمد خرم کے گھر پر
Honouring a Pakistani Student: Ali Nawazish Sets A-Levels World Record: Ali gets 23 A-levels in 1 year By JOHN TROUP BRAINBOX Ali Moeen Nawazish has stunned school chiefs by scooping TWENTY-THREE A-levels in 12 months. The 18-year-old passed 22 exams, plus two AS-levels — equal to one more A-level