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The Peace Pipeline – by Peter Chamberlin: First published at There Are No Sunglasses Obama is a flexible puppet in the empire-builders hands, readily facilitating the decades-old scheme to seize control of the former Soviet satellite nations and all of their vast energy resources.  But, unlike
Kasb e kamal kun, Key aziz e jahaan shwi: Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Army Unfortuntely, more dead people in the days to come. fortunately for some, also more cash….kasb e kamal kun, key aziz e jahaan shwi (Achieve excellence and you will be the beloved of the world)
Pak-US dialogue: a Pakhtun perspective — by Farhat Taj: Basically, the jirga is saying that it does not trust the military establishment, which is leading the dialogue with the US. The military establishment will follow the policy of strategic depth in Afghanistan, which is the key cause of
Pak-Afghan relations — by Agha H Amin: I fail to understand how some of the country’s leading analysts can dub Afghanistan as being Pakistan’s backyard. Afghanistan is an independent state that boasts a great history. Seen in this context, how would Pakistanis feel if India tried
‘Strategic depth’ at heart of Taliban arrests – by Shibil Siddiqi: Pakistan has recently arrested a number of top Taliban leaders, including the second in command, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and many of the Quetta shura. It also killed in a drone attack Mohammad Haqqani, a leader of the powerful
Strategic dialogue and the Pashtun — by Zubair Torwali: The Pashtun, who undoubtedly are the direct victims of terrorism and the war on terror, have never been asked to express their views in this regard. The Pashtuns are now so tired of the strategic depth policy that they
America’s “Islamists” go where oilmen fear to tread – by Peter Chamberlin: By following the trail of militant terrorists US forces and American interests have gained access deep in Central Asia, where oil companies have had little luck gaining a foothold on their own. To students of American foreign policy in
The chestnuts are our own – by Kamran Shafi: It is wrong to think that all it will take for the Taliban to stop their attacks on Pakistan is the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan And by golly are they in a raging fire, no matter what
As things get worse in Pakistan, the optimism continues to soar – by Robert Fisk: Thanks: The Independent As things get worse in Pakistan, the optimism continues to soar Civilians have paid the price in revenge attacks that usually target the army A few days ago, I was driving around Lahore, its population still
Dialogue about Pakhtuns without Pakhtuns! — by Shahid Ilyas: Talking is not a bad thing, but when it is done without the participation of those who are the subject of such talks, it will most likely result in a disaster Pakistan’s political and military top brass will soon
PakUS Strategic Partnership without Pashtuns: Contributed by: Nasir Ahmad Pashtun Peace Forum Press Release Toronto – (March 19, 2010 ) – The United States and Pakistan will hold their first strategic dialogue at the ministerial level in Washington DC on March 24. The significance
Arresting Taliban to serve America’s interests – Guest post by Peter Chamberlin: First published at: Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog The multitude of theories on the reasons for the arrests are divided between cooperation and confrontation theories, either it is explained by mutual interests or by rivalries.  In my opinion, it is both. Researchers
Pakistan sets ground rules for AfPak policy – by M K Bhadrakumar: Natural law brings AfPak crashing By M K Bhadrakumar Be it a baseball struck in a neighborhood sandlot game or in high-wire diplomacy, an elementary principle of physics holds good – what goes up must come down. In a
Insight of a Leader – by Usama Bhutto: Lucy Komisar writes: Twenty years ago, on a campaign trip in rural Pakistan in October 1987, Benazir Bhutto told me of her concern about the long-term effect of Afghan refugees who had set up safe houses, stored munitions and
Is there an Al Qaeda – NATO connection?: The al Qaeda connection? NWFP was hit by another terrorist attack on Tuesday afternoon when a suicide bomber blew up his car in Charsadda bazaar. More than 30 people were killed and nearly 100 others injured, including several women
NYT: Pakistan is supporting Afghan militants?: Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Help, U.S. Aides Say By MARK MAZZETTI and ERIC SCHMITT Published: March 25, 2009 WASHINGTON — The Taliban’s widening campaign in southern Afghanistan is made possible in part by direct support from operatives
Pakistani Taliban united against Al Qaeda’s three enemies: “Obama, Zardari and Karzai”: Taliban’s unity and our disunity Under instructions from Mullah Umar and “sheikh” Osama bin Laden, the three feuding warlords of Waziristan have announced reconciliation and merger under the rubric of Shura Ittehad Mujahideen (SIM). Heretofore, known as the divided
Mr. Holbrooke, you got it right. Pakistan’s No. 1 challenge is to control rogue elements: Internal divisions? Saturday, February 21, 2009 In his first detailed comment on the situation in Pakistan after his recent fact-finding and get-to-know mission, Special Envoy of President Obama, Richard Holbrooke has revealed more than anyone in Pakistan could have
Why the US bugged Pakistan Army generals – Rauf Klasra offers excerprts from David E Sanger’s book “The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts…": Why the US bugged Pakistan Army generals Monday, February 16, 2009 Book claims drone attacks began after ISI-Taliban coordination confirmed By Rauf Klasra ISLAMABAD: A new book by a New York Times journalist has levelled serious allegations against Pakistan
Taliban torch 10 NATO supply trucks: Taliban torch 10 NATO supply trucks * Alternate route opened in Khyber * Security camp attacked in Landikotal By Sajid Ali and Sudhir Ahmad Afridi JAMRUD/LANDIKOTAL: Army engineers on Wednesday built a temporary alternate route for traffic, including NATO
Pakistan’s eight points for Holbrooke – How to restore peace in Afghanistan and FATA: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 Nasim Zehra The writer is an Islamabad-based security analyst Speaking in Washington to a conference sponsored by the Reserve Officers Association on Monday, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen said, “I
Where is the suicide bomber Shakiel al-La’l ?: ‘ISI killing US troops in Afghanistan’ Fri, 19 Dec 2008 06:01:29 GMT President Bush declared war against Afghanistan right after September 11. The title of this war was “ War on Terror”.Pakistan’s powerful spy agency is working with groups
The aftermath of the possible suspension of NATO supplies through Pakistan …. An analysis: Handling the post-Mumbai situation …..The suspension of NATO supplies through Pakistan will probably satisfy those who have recommended it as Pakistan’s response to the CIA drone attacks coming from Afghanistan. But this suspension will symbolically alter the status, in
Destruction of NATO trucks in Pakistan: Destruction of NATO trucks and trouble ahead While Pakistan awaits evidence from India so it can prove that it has the capacity to move against non-state actors threatening its writ and allegedly attacking other states in the region, another
US seeks alternative supply routes to Afghanistan. Russia agrees. What do Qazi and Imran want now?: Russia allows transit of Nato arms to Afghanistan (Dawn, 21 Nov 2008) MOSCOW, Nov 20: Russia said on Thursday it had authorised the transport of German military equipment to Afghanistan through Russian territory, the first time it had allowed
Is the USA doublecrossing Pakistan in FATA: Bajaur: the crucial test Reports are that terrorists known as Taliban are crossing the border from the Kunar province in Afghanistan to fight against the Pakistani forces in Bajaur and other areas. Pakistan has informed the US about this
Talking to Mullah Umar and Hekmatyar?: The NWFP Governor, Mr Owais Ghani, has asked the United States “to talk to Mullah Omar, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Jalaluddin Haqqani, to negotiate peace in Afghanistan”. His contention is that “political stability will only come to Afghanistan when all
Is it America’s war our our war? The colour between black and white: Ayaz Amir: