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Bin Laden’s death, Pakistan’s counterpunch to the United States – by Shiraz Paracha: After losing the 2004 presidential elections, US Senator John Kerry said that one video message of Osama bin Laden cost him the presidency. Days before the 2004 elections, bin Laden in a video message urged the US public not
Has Ansar Abbasi committed blasphemy? – by Shiraz Paracha: Ansar Abbasi of daily Jang newspaper provided his readers incomplete and selective translation of verses from the Holy Qur’an. Just to prove his twisted logic this self-proclaimed soldier of Islam and a ‘good Muslim’, he used the Holy Qur’an to
The military should apologize for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s judicial murder – by Shiraz Paracha: Related posts: LUBP archive on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Parrot writers and journalists in Pakistan always praise the position of a serving Army Chief. Those who have sold their souls tell us how great the military’s top brass is. It
Pigeons of the Middle East and Africa – by Shiraz Paracha: The imperialist attack on Libya is yet another reminder that capitalism is governed by Machiavellian principles and is based on lies and deceit. Western politicians lie to their own public and every few years Western countries go to bloody
Islamic identity, militancy and modernity: Pakistanis need soul searching – by Shiraz Paracha: We, Pakistanis, are talented and intelligent people but many of us have an unrealistic approach towards life and a naive world view, even so we wish to impose our view upon the rest of the world. The case of
Deny the Holocaust and go to prison – by Kourosh Ziabari: Those who think that Europe is a “beacon of freedom” and “heaven of liberty” should give themselves an opportunity to reconsider what they had simplistically believed for so long. Tens of people, including high-ranking academicians and authors from various
Who can be a Mu’min? – by Shiraz Paracha: From mullahs to poets such as Dr. Muhammad Iqbal everyone describes ‘shan and aan’ (glory and prestige) and great qualities of a Mu’min. To be a Mu’min is the dream of a true Muslim. However, according to the Qur’anic
Blasphemy: Does the Holy Qur’an approve murder? – by Shiraz Paracha: For Muslims the Holy Qur’an is the first source of guidance. The Qur’an does not order death or murder for blasphemy. The  Qur’an says Muslims should only fight in self-defence and should kill those who wage war on Muslims. Verse number 33
Beyond nation states: Union of South and Central Asia (USCA) – by Shiraz Paracha: The death and destruction in name of nation state has taught the West to discard the narrow concept of nation state, however, in some parts of the world, the West is encouraging separatist movements and ethnic groups which aspire
U.S. aggression against North Korea and China – by Shiraz Paracha: The United States and its faithful allies within NATO would demand invoking the Article 5 of NATO’s charter if China had conducted joint military exercises with Cuba or Venezuela in the international waters near the U.S coast. But the
American diplomacy of contempt – by Shiraz Paracha: The mastermind as well as the motive behind the WikiLeaks release of US diplomats’ official correspondence with Washington is not known yet. However, the material released so far shows that George W. Bush was not the only mediocre with
Russia leads Eurasia – by Shiraz Paracha: The United States faces embracement as leaders from 56 countries, including head of states and governments gather for a two-day international summit in Central Asia. After a gap of 11 years, the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe
Saudi Arabia without King Abdullah – by Hassan Hanizadeh: Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz’s deteriorating health conditions and his possible death raises questions about the fate of Saudi Arabia after the 86-year-old king’s demise. Given the uncertain future ahead of 84-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul
Afghanistan: NATO’s mission impossible – by Shiraz Paracha: During the weekend, leaders of 28 NATO countries gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, for a face saving meeting as it became clear that the Western military alliance could face a humiliating defeat in one of the world’s poorest countries. Contrary
Media-military-militant Alliance – by Shiraz Paracha: On the eve of NATO summit in Lisbon, the state-funded BBC World Service and the Pakistan military, apparently, provided a PR opportunity for the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, where he claimed in an interview with the BBC
Shift in Turkey policy worries EU, NATO – By Shiraz Paracha: Keeping Turkey under control and on board is becoming a serious challenge for the United States and the European Union (EU) as the Turkish public and government are frustrated with Western double standards and hypocritical policies. Turkey is transforming
Western information contradicts facts – by Shiraz Paracha: Five years ago, when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in the United States, the rich and affluent people of the city escaped in big cars, leaving behind hundreds and thousands of mostly poor African Americans to drown and die.
Who fixes corruption index and why? – by Shiraz Paracha: A senior manager of the World Bank who served in the organization at a time when the Bank’s policies led Africa and Latin America into debt, destruction and extreme poverty, later on established the so-called Transparency International (TI) —
A critical view on animal cruelty and religious dogma in Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha:   Slaughter of cow calves is common in some parts of Pakistan but the society is shockingly insensitive to such cruelty. It seems insane to raise the issue of animal cruelty in a country where violent human deaths are
China standing up to US – by Shiraz Paracha: US interference in the regional issue of the South China Sea has caused a stir in Beijing’s military and political circles and some in the Chinese military are prepared for a show of power with the United States. It
Central Asia, battlefield of powers – By Shiraz Paracha: Energy resources of Central Asia, the containment of Russian and Chinese influence in the region, and the monitoring of Iran are the main motives of the United States and the NATO presence in Afghanistan and in parts of the
The BBC World Service: A mouthpiece of the British establishment – By Shiraz Paracha: On 24 September 2010, the BBC World Service television broadcast an interview with the US President Barack Hussein Obama in which the U.S. leader trashed the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his comments at the UN General Assembly the
Russian Model: Team Leadership, Sovereign Democracy, National Champions – by Shiraz Paracha: Russia has become a leading world power because of its leader Vladimir Putin’s vision and political strategy. Prime Minister Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev have introduced new concepts of team leadership and ‘Sovereign Democracy’ in Russia’s political system. The
Imran Farooq’s Murder: Altaf may not return to lead the ‘revolution’ – by Shiraz Paracha: The murder of Imran Farooq in London has provided the MQM boss Altaf Hussain a perfect excuse to say no to calls for his return to Pakistan and lead the ‘revolution’. He may not come back due to security
Beauty and the Beast: The Pakistani version – By Shiraz Paracha: Twenty three years ago, we were sitting in a PIA Fokker aircraft at Peshawar airport waiting to fly to Dera Ismail Khan. Among the 40 passengers of the plane also was a very special couple. Almost every one of
Regional Scenario: Central Asian ‘Muslim’ states fear Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha: Central Asia’s richest and largest state Kazakhstan is following a strict visa policy for Pakistan and Afghanistan at the same time offering further relaxations in visa regulations to nationals from Western and several non-Western countries. Pakistan has an image
Roots of Western superiority complex – By Shiraz Paracha: Passengers of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight to London from Islamabad were forced to stay inside the aircraft at London Heathrow Airport on 8 August 2010 as the British Police and officials of the UK Boarder Agency made
‘Pakistan—Marvelous people, dangerous confusions’ – By Shiraz Paracha: It was a very hot and bright day in July when I entered the main hall of a newly built private hospital in Peshawar for a medical checkup. A wave of cool breeze touched my face as I opened
The end of the welfare state? – by Shiraz Paracha: Europe is at the verge of the biggest overhaul since the Second World War. The target of the change is the welfare state. At the beginning of the Cold War, several Western countries adopted the idea of the welfare
Good Bye, McChrystal. Good Luck, Petraeus. “Thank You”, Obama- by Shiraz Paracha: The U.S President Barak Hussein Obama has removed a senior general who made mockery of the civilian leadership and democracy while talking to a reporter. The general was fired within 48 hours after the President learnt about the general’s
Iran to India: Energy alliance between South and Central Asia – by Shiraz Paracha: (Map source) LUBP Exclusive Pakistan and India both face energy shortages but this crisis can be turned into a huge opportunity if (and there is big if) India and Pakistan are able to form an alliance that also includes
Pakistan vs Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha: LUBP Exclusive Pakistan is a country of contradictions and conflicting identities. It is a country that is at war with itself. A vast majority of Pakistanis are confused and most of them have no clear sense of their place
Kyrgyzstan—Victim of the ‘Tulip Revolution’- by Shiraz Paracha: Thirty one years after the Soviet Union sent its troops to Afghanistan on the invitation of the then Afghan government, Russia, the successor of the USSR, has declined a troop request from another Central Asian state. Perhaps Russia does
A critical perspective on the LSE report on the Taliban-ISI alliance – by Shiraz Paracha: The London School of Economics’ (LSE) recent report on the alleged links between the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban is yet another proof of an unholy alliance, in which Western secret services, the mainstream
Dealing with the American Mindset – by Shiraz Paracha: LUBP Exclusive The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world therefore dealing with America is not easy for some nations and countries. The bigger problem, however, is the Americans’ perception of their place in
Jamaat-e-Islami’s agenda for Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha: LUBP Exclusive Islam is a religion of peace but Jamat-i-Islami has imposed a completely opposite and false version of Islam in Pakistan with the help of civil and military bureaucracy, especially during the past 30 years. Some in the
His masters’ voice: Hamid Mir, Taliban and the ISI – by Shiraz Paracha: LUBP Exclusive Veteran Pakistani journalist Shiraz Paracha has very kindly written the following note in appreciation of LUBP. Over his long experience as a professional journalist, Mr Paracha has contributed hundreds of news reports, analytical articles and opinion pieces