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Congratulations to humanity: Malala rises like a phoenix: ‎”Which country am I in?”, first question Malala asked! Feel like replying “Honey you are in a country where every one has nothing but admiration and love for you! where you don’t get shot for liking Obama or Benazir
Outcome of Multan by-elections and establishment’s next move – by Shaheryar Ali: According to news reports, Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) Abdul Qadir Gilani has won the NA-151 Multan by-elections with 64,628 votes (19 July 2012). Independent candidate Shaukat Hayat Bosan, who was supported by all right wing parties including PML-N, PTI,
Pakistan’s Shia Muslims and other persecuted groups must fight the minority self-image: Editor’s note: The following is an unusual post because it is based on a facebook conversation between three persons. However, the topic under discussion and the debate itself may not only provide some useful food for thought on an
Pakistan’s modernity: Between military and militancy – by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: Editor’s note: We are cross-posting a thought provoking article by Dr. Siddiqa which was recently published in The Friday Times. This is an important theoretical piece, which may be used as guidance document for further analysis. It provides the
Notes on Conflict: Political Immunology of Islamic Republic – by Shaheryar Ali: The fundamental confusion in analyzing Pakistan is the neglect of her foundational myth. A country locked in history and geography. Without taking into account the character of Pakistani nationalism, its various shades it is not possible to analyse the
Sacrificial beings and imperialist agendas – by Shaheryar Ali: What is currently happening in Kohistan, Gilgit, Parachinar, Quetta and other places in Pakistan to Shia Muslims has its roots in Pakistani establishment’s dream of renting itself out to imperialism against Islamic Republic of Iran. They want to bully
Mullah Omar is part of the problem, not the solution: The following worrisome development reflects the mindset and MCA (minimum common agenda) of imperialism in Pakistani establishment. Mullah Omar we know has blood of so many ethnic and religious groups (Tajiks, Hazaras, Shias) as well as other oppressed groups
Resistance and Law: Land Mark Decision by Indian Supreme Court – by Shaheryar Ali: “…people do not take arms, in an organized fashion, against the might of the state, or against fellow human beings without rhyme or reason. Guided by an instinct for survival, and according to Thomas Hobbes, a fear of lawlessness