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Contempt – To a Mango Man! – by Rubab Zaidi: After days of much speculation, the volcano of PM’s contempt case  for not implementing the SC’s ruling in the NRO case,  that was frantically and deafeningly been erupting for days, finally erupted and is being expected to damage, if
Jinnah’s Coalition and the future of Pakistan – By Jaag Pakistani Jaag:   As a Shia Muslim from Pakistan I am deeply concerned about Pakistani Shia and Sunni targeted by a lunatic fringe of Deobandi Takfiri terrorists. This violence has taken thousands of lives. It threatens to destroy the fabric of
Bhutto and I – by Nadeem F. Paracha: On the morning of April 4, 1979, the military dictatorship of General Ziaul Haq hanged to death Pakistan’s first popularly elected Prime Minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Today is the 33rd anniversary of what turned out to be perhaps one
On extensions – By Ali Aftab Saeed, Pakistan Today: In Pakistan, old soldiers just don’t fade away Source: Pakistan Today Haroon-ur-Rasheed recently in a newspaper article fantasised about Imran Khan’s great relationship with General Kayani after becoming Prime Minister in 2013. According to Hamid Mir, when asked about
New Khan Express – by Ali Aftab Saeed: Editor’s Note: We are pleased to cross post Ali Aftab’s article from Pakistan Today.  The writer makes an important observation when he highlights how an “analyst” pointed out the tensions within the Lota-Enhanced PTI that have already emerged; tensions
Protesting the Appointment of Babar Awan as VP of PPP – by Assad Khan: BABAR AWAN DOESN’T HAVE MY SUPPORT So it would seem today that the party decided to, in all honesty, dig a very shallow grave for itself. Appointing Babar Awan Vice President of the party is not only an insult
When Benazir Bhutto died, Pakistan lost its prodigal daughter – By Natasha Fatah: Editor: We are pleased to cross post this heart felt tribute to Benazir Bhutto by Pakistani-Canadian journalist, Natasha Fatah. This was first published on the CBC news site. The day Benazir Bhutto was killed, is a day I will never
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto: Video Presentation by S. Irfan Urfi: Benazir Bhutto, an iconic personality, an exceptional stateswoman, leader Of Pakistan’s oppressed peoples
Marvi Sirmed: Threatened for speaking out against bigotry and intolerance: I have been receiving death, rape, acid throwing threats ever since I appeared in a TV show where I entered into a debate with one Mr. Zaid Hamid and challenged his immensely hawkish narrative about the genesis of Pakistan
The circus is in town – by Ali Aftab Saeed: It’s a free-for-all! The circus is in town. Tahir-ul-Qadri is back with invaluable suggestions for forming and running a new government. The other usual suspects, to a man, are there too. Suddenly everybody has forgotten that Sipah-e-Sahaba is a
An Ahmadi Muslim’s Plea: Be My Voice – by Kashif N. Chaudhry: Editor’s Note: We would like to recommend to our readers this excellent article by Kashif N. Chaudhry, which was originally published in the Huffington Post. It is a succinct analysis of how our fellow Ahmadi countrymen are being persecuted
Memo at the altar of justice – By Shoaib Mir:   FLASHBACK, Lahore, 1977: The early days of the 1977-88 martial law regime, as Pakistan’s first democratically elected prime minister and chairman of the Islamic Summit Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is in the dock on a “murder” charge as the
Has LUBP followed PPP in disremembering Balochistan?: Dear editors of  Let Us Build Pakistan Though our memories of Pakistan Peoples Party are not pleasurable enough, but the way it has been plowed by a common adversary, the security establishment and discredited by right wing sycophants in politics,
Of conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists – by Abdul Majeed Abid:   Source: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions; he is not entitled to his own facts.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan A Conspiracy theory can be defined as “collection of distorted or misrepresented facts presented to propagate a particular agenda”. Conspiracy
Is giving MFN status to India a policy shift? – by Muhammad Saeed Akhtar: In coming days you will find cauldron boiling in the electronic media of Pakistan to see many witch hunters around; trying to baffle the poor and ill informed audience about granting the MFN status to India with all their
Imran Khan’s Vice President Ejaz Chaudhry’s links with sectarian terrorists!:    Source Related post: Imran Khan’s Lahore rally offers no hope to Pakistan’s religious and ethnic minority groups There is consistent and irrefutable evidence of Ejaz Chaudhry’s (Vice President and Incharge Youth and Students Affairs of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) links
Shadows of Endless Nights – by Ayesha N. Rashid:     Dedicated to the students Those who arrived at the gates of the officials Petitioning with open arms for pen and paper. But never came back. Those innocents who, in their idealism, took the fire of dedicated learning
LUBP wishes its readers a Happy Diwali: LUBP wishes its readers a Happy Diwali, a festival which marks the triumph of good over evil, colorful rangolis and firecrackers. This is a festive time for many Pakistani Hindus and all those who celebrate open-heartedness, mirth and joy! 
Enjoying ‘Aaloo-Andey’ with the people – By Nadeem Farooq Paracha: Editor’s Note: We are pleased to cross post this excellent article for DAWN Blogs by Nadeem Paracha.  Kudos to the Beygairat Brigade for their bold, audicious, subversive and darkly comic song on the prevailing Zeitgiest of the Urban elites. Just
Aalu Anday – by Beygairat Brigade: One of the most well-informed Pakistani music videos: Aalu Anday – by Beygairat Brigade Great song, very smart lyrics and video, most probably inspired by veteran columnist Kamran Shafi’s critical articles on the Ghairat Brigade, e.g., The Ghairat Brigades
“We Want Bus, not Human”! Javed Chaudhary— a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi mouthpiece!: Editor’s Note:  The article by a Hazara activist doctor is a good exposure of bigots like Javed Chaudhary.  Javed allegedly writes for a Jihadist publication under a pen name and his anti-Shia bigotry as exposed in this article comes
In memory of Dr. Abdus Salam – by Zeeba Hashmi:     The sea breeze. waving over a land called Trieste, yet tidings of home, made less known to us. for a man who marked his footsteps there, as the world salutes his legacy. Dr. Abdus Salam, Dr. Abdus
Courage to Differ: 10 Historical Facts that our Textbooks forgot to mention – by Abdul Majeed Abid:   Editor’s Note: We are pleased to cross post  this well-researched debunking of narratives, which in our opinion, have been disastrous for the country.  More power to Abdul Majeed and his blog for writing this and we look forward to more of
Qawwali legend Maqbool Sabri passes away: LUBP authors and affiliates are saddened to report the passing away of Pakistan’s legendary qawal Maqbool Sabri.  Qawalli (Sufi devotional music) is at the heart of Pakistan’s diverse cultures.  Before the onslaught of the Taliban and their like minded copies,
Sobia Ali: An Interview With Nadeem F. Paracha:       Editor’s Note: We are pleased to cross-post Nadeem F. Paracha’s interview to Sobia Ali and Raza Raja Habib from Huffington Post.  The interview is an articulate discussion of politics, sociology and culture.  Such interviews are needed to highight the mindset
Book Review: Maleeha Lodhi Juggling a Dream – By Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa:   Source Maleeha Lodhi’s edited volume is one of the few books that Pakistan military’s Inter-Services Public Relations’ head Maj. General Athar Abbas recommends to his visitors. The value of this book for Pakistan’s armed forces and establishment is
Pakistan and America: Pyrrhic victory – By Dr. Niaz Murtaza: The gods of fate have a wicked sense of humor. When they want to destroy someone, they make their dreams come true but then soon turn them into nightmares. So they did to the odd couple, the American and
Defending MQM – Imran Khan, IOPYNE:  Source My reaction to Altaf Hussain’s marathon press conference was one of sympathy. Sympathy that I felt not for the beloved leader but for thousands of his otherwise rational followers, who have now been entrusted with the Herculean task
Debate on USIP-JI report on Afghanistan and Moeed Yusuf’s testimony to US Congress – by Marvi Sirmed: There has been a discussion on Pakistan Press google group on the recent report about a mythical ‘endgame’ in Afghanistan, produced by Jinnah Institute and USIP. While one has many questions on the report’s contents, the discussion was suddenly
A wandering Jew pulls away the veil over Pakistan – by Paul Rockower: Editor’s note: We are pleased to cross-post this excellent article by Paul Rockower which he wrote for the Jerusalem Post.  Paul visited Pakistan in 2007 and wrote an article for the Jerusalem Post on Pakistan’s more cosmopolitan side.  Let
A critical view on Sherry Rehman’s elitist report on Afghanistan – by Khanzada Achackzai: Editor’s Note: In the aftermath of the Quetta bombings that took place this morning and which have claimed over 25 lives, we are deeply disturbed that our foreign policy elite continue to have an explicit sympathy for Mullah Omar’s Quetta Shura. 
Guilty by Domicile – Imran Khan: Editor’s Note:  The PML N leadership sees no double standards when lecturing PPP about Karachi and putting pressure on it to call the army into Karachi with its own shambolic performance with regards to the Law and Order situation in Punjab.  
Metro Netherworld: A Comment on Karachi – by Rashed Aurakzai:   Ludwig von Mises, a leading laissez-faire economist of the twentieth century, wrote that intellectuals shape and form public thought, not the masses. 2800 killings in past eighteen months in Karachi haven’t awoken our intellectuals, Human Rights Groups, Civil Society or
Pakistan’s Civil Awards FCS Style:   Note: FCS stands for fake civil society of Pakistan. In looking at the current civil awards announced by President Asif Ali Zardari, I am amazed as to how an elected government assumes it can reflect public opinion; I
Independence Introspections – by Usmann Rana: Today Pakistan celebrates the 64th years of its infancy in world history. Forgive Pakistanis if they seem perplexed as to what exactly are they celebrating. Is it the increasing sense of isolation that Pakistan feels whenever a major wanted
Silence of the Liberal Lambs – By Dr. Taqi: Editor’s Note:  In cross-posting Dr. Taqi’s article from Outlook India, we at LUBP stand vindicated on our blunt stance in exposing Fake Civil Society (FCS).  This group of candle-holding Tweeples and  urban elites have failed miserably in even confronting the bigotry of the
Book Review: The Redefined Dimensions of Baloch Nationlist Movement: Book: The Redefined Dimensions of Baloch Nationalist Movement By: Malik Siraj Akbar Editor The Balochhal Publishers: Xlibris Subject: Balochistan, Politics, Nationalism Book Reviewed by Arif Jamal Author of Shadow War: The Untold Story of Jihad in Kashmir Most Pakistanis,
On Ejaz Haider’s ISPR press release on Shia Hazaras of Balochistan – by Farrukhzad Ali: Editor’s Note: We are publishing the following article by Farrukhzad Ali and would also recommend his earlier article, Shia Hazaras of Queta: Entrapped in deep state’s delinquent and obedient proxies – by Farrukhzad Ali.  Currently, LUBP is relentlessly castigated
The ideology of thought control in Pakistan – By Maheen Usmani: First published in DAWN Denial is not just a river in Egypt. It has become something of a personality cult in Pakistan. Nowhere is this cognitive dissonance more visible than amongst the educated who refuse to accept facts and
CBS Tribute to Pioneering gay Pakistani-American Muslim poet Ifti Nasim: Editor’s Note:  We are reproducing the glowing tribute by CBS for Ifti Nasim.  His death reminds us of the intolerant society we have become.  Our LGBT friends and supportors have informed us that there are different interpretations of the religious