Pakistan’s Civil Awards FCS Style


Driving Miss Qazi

Note: FCS stands for fake civil society of Pakistan.

In looking at the current civil awards announced by President Asif Ali Zardari, I am amazed as to how an elected government assumes it can reflect public opinion; I thought the army was the only institution that reflects the macho opinion of our martial race.

Well, if they really had to give these awards then I am saddened that there is no mention of my man, Ghulam Mustafa Khar, the original PPP lion. He and the other true PPP leader, Mumtaz Bhutto should get awards too.  Their courage to withstand the verbal barbs by the jailed tyrant Bhutto is the stuff that legends are made of.

Style vs Substance

Sherry Rehman should be given another Rs. 50 million to go with the first Rs. 50 million that she got from the PPP-led government for her Jinnah Institute which has produced award-winning articles on extremism. The vague, ambiguous and soft establishment stance of this “award-winning” literature on extremism is in perfect conformity with the classics of Ejaz Haider. 

Speaking of, Ejaz should also get an award for his contribution to THAT amazingly profound letter  to the elected President Zardari and his critical and harsh letter to the ISI.  Back to Sherry, the least that the PPP can award her with is a life time lunch pass to Koel restaurant in Karachi. She should know that if PPP cannot appreciate her efforts, then there are always other “liberal” parties like PTI and MQM where should she may not fit in perfectly but they might be more willing vehicles for her to fulfill her ambitions.

Thats the size of my ....... integrity quotient

Shah Mahmood Qureishi should win the best actor’s award. The only thing he needs to work on is his timing. He peaked too early (which I hope does not extend to other aspects of his life) and this self-declared PPP-Bhutto loyalist should have backstabbed the party at a later stage.  His support to the ISI in the Raymond Davis affair should be appreciated by his American contacts such as Sen. Kerry. SMQ needs to learn from another PPP loyalist, the late Farooq Leghari, on both the intricacies and timings of being an efficient back-stabbing Judas.

Aitzaz Ahsan, who should have actually been the next Chairperson of the PPP and should be awarded for his valiant support to Asma Jehangir during last year’s SCBA elections. His neutrality between Asma and the two JI-PTI-SSP, Hameed Gul backed candidates was another one of his loyalist contributions to the PPP.  His feigned neutrality as well as his presence in a Spanish law college during these elections between a secular, human rights activist (Asma) and two establishment Islamofascist IMC worshippers is what won the elections for Asma and she should thank him for his siesta support. He should also be awarded for his poetry and this should be read along with Ejaz Haider’s letter by Maulana Ludhianvi at the next “Kaafir, Kaafir, Shia Kafir” Interfaith harmony Lawyer’s movement rally.  If nothing else, he is in a tie for the best pompadour in the PPP with another loyalist Masood Sharif.

Lest we forget, we should also award Dr. Mubashir Hasan for his valid criticism of ZAB in giving into the religious elements and then coordinating his (Dr. Mubashir’s) petition against the NRO with such liberal progressive organizations such as the Jamaat Islami. Truly, no one can fault this gentleman for being inconsistent.

In closing, these people are the true PPP. These Upper-middle class “activists” are the ones who gave true sacrifices for the PPP by ditching it everytime things got a little murder-y. I must commend Aitzaz Ahsan for ditching PPP everytime the party was attacked by the establishment and his house arrest for a few weeks when he had to subsist on low-fat high-protein cuisine, Lindt chocolates and the tread mill is the stuff that would make Papillon and Count of Monte Cristo look tame in comparison.  Mr. Ahsan, you are too good for PPP and rest assured, you will be rewarded for your efforts by Mr. Nawaz Sharif, just like the other  forgotten PPP patriot, the late Mr. Farooq Leghari.

When ZAB was alive, these true PPP “activists” bemoaned the death of the original PPP which was really meant to be an extension of a coffee-house book reading club.  If not for the opportunist ZAB who wanted to take politics to the smelly, unwashed masses, PPP would have been the coolest Marxist organization with a country wide membership of 43 people and the largest contributers to the Candle rallies. Then the patience of these true PPP “leaders” was further tested when Benazir took the party to the polls and they sadly recounted the days of ZAB when PPP still had some of its original coffee house culture intact.  Which brings us to the present when the growing list of true PPP loyalists bemoan the times of Benazir, when some vestiges of PPP’s fabled coffee house culture existed.

To the true PPP wallas: Mumtaz Bhutto, Dr. Mubashir Hasan, Mairaj Mohammad Khan, Khar, Enver Baig, Aitzaz Ahsan, Shah Mahmood Qureishi, Masood Sharif Khattak, Sherry Rehman, Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi, Zafar Hillaly, Iqbal Haider etc. please take a bow. Your valiant and brave efforts for the party will always be in sharp contrasts to the failings of such cowards as Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari.



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