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“No Muslim can do this” – by Dr Khawaja Muhammad Awais Khalil: Attack on Data Darbar is a continuation of the same events in which Pakistanies are under attack by the few ‘Faithfuls’. Its not an event in isolation and its not a solitary attack on Braylvies. Its essentially the same
Sinful Saudi citizens on MTV – BBC Report: ایم ٹی وی پر’گناہ گار‘ سعودی سعودی عرب میں پولیس ان تین سعودی نوجوانوں سے تفتیش کر رہی ہے جنہوں نے ایک ٹیلی ویژن شو میں مملکت کے قوانین پر تنقید کی تھی۔ پروگرام میں ایک سعودی خاتون لباس
Budget 2010-2011 at a glance: Below are the few salient features of Budget 2010-2011 which I think are very important to keep the records straight. I have noticed in most newspapers that these facts are some how ‘willingly or unwillingly’ lost in the piles
Dilemma of our Shiites brothers in Pakistan: Shiites comprise of about 17-25% of Pakistani population and have an immense role in shaping our religion, society, economy and politics for centuries. They have always been a vital source of inspiration of love, harmony , mutual respect and