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There is nothing righteous in terror – by Agha Haider Raza: What happened in Lahore is truly one of the saddest and heart-wrenching incidents I have ever experienced as a Pakistani. When places of worship no longer carry the sanctity they deserve, the stark divide in religious ideology is made
Sick and Tired! – by Agha Haider Raza: Over the past week Pakistan has read many different news items. From the passing of the 18th amendment to the bomb blast at the US Consulate, much is happening. Some may say the stories are for the betterment of
A new dawn – by Agha Haider Raza: Over the past few days – out-of-public viewing – Pakistan has witnessed a welcoming shift in policy. With the capture of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and Mullah Abdul Salam, the trust deficit between the United States and Pakistan or
Mesmerization of Pakistani politics – by Agha Haider Raza: Politics in Pakistan mesmerize me. Not only does one enjoy the daily dose of rhetoric that is spewed from the mouths of our beloved politicians, but the one track mind of those in and out of government baffles the mind.
Obsession with Zardari; Not in the New Year!: By Agha Haider Raza TV anchors must refrain from pretending as Chief Justice. Picture / Pakistan Media Watch It has of late become frustrating to read the newspapers in Pakistan.  If the once a week suicide bombings are not bad