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A critical analysis of the MWM resolution at the Karachi Shia rally: Related post: MWM must not act as a Shia version of Difa-e-Pakistan Council In the absence of any support from the government and secular-progressive lobbies, civil society activists, human rights groups; and in the presence of active and tacit
Marvi Sirmed: Threatened for speaking out against bigotry and intolerance: I have been receiving death, rape, acid throwing threats ever since I appeared in a TV show where I entered into a debate with one Mr. Zaid Hamid and challenged his immensely hawkish narrative about the genesis of Pakistan
The Pakistan conundrum – by Dr Syed Sarosh: Benighted sentiments must not be used as an excuse by the Pakistani state to shy away from its human rights responsibilities including the protection of religious minorities . The government must make a clear distinction between raw and unruly
Can the Left become relevant to Islamic Pakistan? – by Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy: The left has always been a marginal actor on Pakistan’s national scene. While this bald truth must be told, in no way do I wish to belittle the enormous sacrifices made by numerous progressive individuals, as well as small