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قدر زائد کی پیداوارمیں مشغول مزدور کی محبت بھری نظم – عامر حسینی: جاناں سنو تمہیں بہت مس کرتا ہوں اگرچہ رات دن مزدوری کرتا ہوں خون پسینہ ایک کرکے زردار کی ہوس منافع کی تسکین کرتا ہوں مگر سخت کام کے اوقات میں قدر زائد کی تخلیق کرتے وقت بھی تمہارا
Life of a coal miner in Punjab:   Workers at this mine in Choa Saidan Shah dig coal with pick axes, break it up and load it onto donkeys to be transported to the surface. Employed by private contractors, a team of four workers can dig
Migrant workers face brutal conditions at NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus – by Isaac Finn and Fred Mazelis:   Controversy and opposition continue to swirl around the construction of the main campus of New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), which is scheduled to open this year. An article in the New York Times several weeks ago exposed
میر تم بہت یاد آؤگے: میر تم یاد آتے رہو گے لیل و نہار/عامر حسینی ملتان میں پرانے شجاع آباد روڈ سے کون واقف نہیں ہوگا-یہ وہ راستہ ہے جہاں سے خواجہ فرید ملتان آیا کرتے تھے اور یہاں ایک عشق زادی کے ساتھ
Class was the only common feature of 235 labourers burnt alive in Karachi factory fire – by Ali Arqam: Karachi, the name synonymous with ‘Bad News’ is once again in the headlines, this time again for another tragedy, another sad story of human loss. Ali Garments, a factory situated on Hub River road, RCD Highway in Baldia Town
Diaries from Punjab – by Abdul Majeed Abid: Diary of a typical PTI suporter Woke up early in the morning at 8.30 am. Had pancakes and coffee for breakfast. Drove to the university. Used internet to solve surprise quiz in class. After all, it’s fair to do
Communist Party’s comeback in Russia – by Shiraz Paracha: Twenty years after the peaceful split of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of Russia has made significant gains in the Russian parliamentary elections and has doubled the share of its votes. In the Sunday’s elections, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s United
Plight of Pakistan’s informal workforce — by Syed Mohammad Ali: Given Pakistan’s currently tenuous economic and security situation, coupled with increasing unemployment, more women and children will join home-based work, which is not regulated and where remuneration is extremely low
The PPP government’s new labour policy 2010 – by Abdul Nishapuri: Consistent with its election manifesto, the PPP government has finally taken a step in the right direction by announcing a new labour policy (effective 1 June 2010). The policy comprises a number of appreciable elements in order to protect
Pakistani labourers’ fair demands – by I.A. Rehman: Since it is not possible to push a new bill through parliament in two days the government has only two options. It may have the proposed new legislation issued as an ordinance or take refuge under the oft-criticised subterfuge
President signs services tribunal amendment bill: The Pakistan People’s Party has its roots in the working class of the country. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto envisioned a Pakistan where the Labor Class could live with dignity and honor. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto durgin her  governments pursued extensive agendas
150 Workers Occupy Karachi PC Hotel: The following first appeared as on Riaz Ahmed‘s Facebook. Strike: 150 Workers Occupy Karachi PC Hotel Over 150 workers of -star Karachi hotel Pearl Continental have occupied the basement for the last 8 days. About 50 workers have set up