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What has America done for Pakistan?: By Harris Bin Munawar Osama bin Laden has been stolen, Raymond Davis exorcised, and the military’s ego has been hurt once again by men “dressed like characters from Star Wars”. “America is an unreliable ally,” the ISI chief is
Message to Pakistan: China Will Not Replace U.S. Aid – by Daniel Wagner: The current debate in the U.S. Congress about whether and how to continue economic and military aid to Pakistan is understandably problematic. On one hand, Congress is mindful of Pakistan’s long history with the U.S., its unique geostrategic location,
Textbooks – Source confusion and extremism – by Junaid Qaiser: Pakistan’s poor education system and its bias curriculum that often incites intolerance and violence has increasingly become a matter of international concern. The government-mandated curriculum is a major concern for Western observers who say it encourages intolerance, anti democracy,