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LUBP wishes happy Nowruz to all Pakistanis and other communities across the world:   Nowruz means `New Day’ and it marks the arrival of Spring. Pakistan celebrates this Spring Festival with countries like Afghanistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Tajkistan and other Central Asian countries. Nowruz is celebrated in Pakistan in Balti, Shina,
Asma Jahangir awarded UN prize for promoting human rights: UNITED NATIONS: One of Pakistan’s leading human rights defenders, Asma Jahangir, was Tuesday named as this year’s winner of a UN award that recognizes outstanding individual contribution to promoting a culture of human rights around the world. The Director-General
The river beyond- by Dr Mohammad Taqi: It may sound like a cliché but the late Munir Niazi’s words ring truer today than ever before: “Ik aur darya ka samna tha Munir mujh ko, Mein aik darya kay paar utra to mein ne dekha.” The translation