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Pakistani liberals are no leap of faith – by Sadanand Dhume: Source: Published in Wall Street Journal on July 12, 2012. This isn’t the best time to be a Pakistani liberal. Opinion polling shows most Pakistanis thinking of America as an enemy, democracy as an unwelcome concept and the imposition of
Pakistani media coverage of Daniel Pearl’s abduction and assassination in Karachi – by Kazim Aizaz Alam: American Journalist Daniel Pearl, beheaded in Karachi, Pakistan. American journalist Daniel Pearl was killed in early 2002 in Karachi. This essay will review the coverage of the abduction and assassination of the Wall Street Journal’s South Asia bureau chief
In Pakistan, Criticism of President is Good for TV Ratings – by WSJ: Source: WSJ KARACHI, Pakistan—TV executives here, supported by a boom in advertising revenue and feeding off a public taste for conspiracy theories, are using popular news channels to chip away at the standing of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.