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تنویر قیصر شاہد نے دہشت گرد ملا لدھیانوی دیوبندی اور اسٹیبلشمنٹ کا بھانڈہ پھوڑ دیا – از حق گو: آج صبح تنویر قیصر شاہد صاحب کا مزاح و طنز سے بھرپور کالم پڑھا جس میں موصوف نے ملا لدھیانوی دیوبندی کی وہ خبر گیری کی کہ دوسری تیسری بار پڑھ کے اندازہ ہوا کہ محترم کا مقصد صرف
Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan: Pakistan’s new minister of information – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid: While the Fake Civil Society (FCS) and right wingers of Pakistan are busy in ridiculing Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan attacking her accent, gender and non-urban background, here is an excellent article by Tanvir Qaiser Shahid which offers a balanced
General Zia-ul-Haq’s (balack) laws are not Allah’s laws – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid:
A perspective on Pakistan’s Balochistan problem – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid: Source: Express, 24 and 25 Dec 2010
The Barelvi-Deobandi feud and ‘becharay’ Pakistani – by Tanvir Qaiser Shahid:
Will the Barelvi majority in Pakistan stand against terrorism? – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid: Barelvi Muslims constitute the majority of population in Pakistan. According to an estimate, Sunni Muslims in Pakistan are divided into 60% Barelvis, 30% Deobandis and 10% Ahle Hadith. It is a fact that, in Pakistan, Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba are
Thank you, Allama Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, for bold fatwa against Takfiri Khariji terrorists: Qadri terms terror attacks unIslamic Related post: Takfiri Deobandis are the biggest threat to Pakistan and Islam – by Zaid Hamid FOUNDER and patron-in-chief of Tehrik Minhajul Quran Dr Tahirul Qadri has termed suicide attacks and bomb blasts in
The Saudi Factor, Nawaz Sharif and Musharraf’s trial: Analyses by Asadullah Ghalib and Tanvir Qaiser Shahid
Ramadan in the USA: Tanvir Qaiser Shahid offers a non-stereotype image of Ramadan in
PML-N backed Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists burn 8 Christians alive in Gojra. Shame on you CM Shahbaz Sharif!: 8 Christians burnt alive in Gojra riots * Rangers called in after mob torches Christian homes * Punjab law minister says preliminary investigation shows no desecration of holy Quran By Ali Usman LAHORE: The government deployed the
A tribute to Shaheed Colonel Tahir Iqbal killed by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists in Waziristan – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid: Sunday, 28 June 2009: In North Waziristan agency, three army officers among 16 soldiers were killed in an attack by the Taliban terrorists on the Wucha Bibi-bound convoy of security forces at Inzar Kas area. Officers who embraced shahadat
A meeting with Jamaat-e-Islami’s leader Munawar Hasan – by Tanveer Qaisar Shahid:
Wahhabi-Deobandi path to paradise through the barrel of gun – by Tanveer Qaisar Shahid:
Remembering Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto at General Zia-ul-Haq’s grave – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid: Left: General Zia’s grave in Islamabad – Right: Z.A. Bhutto
Shariat, Swat and Unemployed Lawyers – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid:
Zardari is a cheater – Nawaz Sharif keeps his promises: In the following op-ed, Tanvir Qaiser Shahid exposes some secrets of the relationship between Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s Jamaat-e-Islami and Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N.
Exposed: Zardari’s corruption in the aware of party tickets for Senate – by Tanvir Qaiser Shahid:
Our salute to the martryrs of ANP in the war on terror – by Tanvir Qaiser Shahid: It is not only Taliban but also the so called Ulema (scholars), who have kept quiet on the atrocities of their fellow Mullah brethren, who are responsible
Anti-Taliban journalists of Pakistani media are true Pakistanis and true Muslims – by Rahim Anjan: Well done, Abbas Ather, Asadullah Ghalib, Tanvir Qaiser Shahid, Sohail Qalandar, Ayaz Khan, Latif Chaudhry, The Express Team and also Mr. Rahim Anjaan. The entire Pakistani nation is proud of you because of your unconditional condemnation of the Taliban
Pakistan, a paradise for terrorists?:
Swat: A knock on the door of our heart – Tanvir Qaiser Shahid:
Swat asks many questions – by Sohail Qalandar and Tanvir Qaiser Shahid: The siege of Swat (Swat ka muhasira) – by Tanvir Shahid Swat ka sawal… By Sohail Qalandar Pakistan Army is protecting the Taliban to impose their brand of sharia, destroy schools, pressurize the ANP leadership to negotiate with the