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Defeating militancy in Musharraf style? – by Talat Masood: Defeating militancy Gen Musharraf spoke ad nauseam on fighting extremism and terrorism. And the West and many of our fellow citizens, especially amongst the elite, mistakenly believed that he was the leader who could really steer the country from
The post-NRO dynamic – by Talat Masood: In these times when Pakistan is beleaguered with multiple crises — a major insurgency, constant fear of terrorist attacks, lurking danger of economic melt-down, political infighting etc — it is additionally burdened with the unique challenge of managing the
Anti-Americanism – by Talat Masood: Monday, December 14, 2009 Anti-Americanism continues to rise unabated in Pakistan. It is not confined to fringe elements alone but is spreading in the mainstream. A few recently retired military officers and politicians have gone as far as accusing
Good instincts are not enough, Mr Zardari! – by Talat Masood: Good instincts are not enough Monday, September 28, 2009 (The News)Talat Masood The country faces an extraordinary situation. No one trusts its top political leadership. The print and electronic media is in overdrive to give it a bad name
Bridging the civil-military divide in Pakistan – by Talat Masood: Bridging the civil-military divide Monday, September 07, 2009Talat Masood The motive of former ISI and military officers in resurrecting past skeletons on the media still remains a mystery and subject of intense speculation. Although the revelations and counter incriminations
Talat Masood: Revisiting the Swat deal with the Taliban: Revisiting the Swat deal Monday, March 23, 2009 Talat Masood The Swat peace agreement, signed between the Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat Mohammadi (TNSM) and the ANP-led government of the NWFP, seems to be running in serious difficulties. Broadly, the agreement aims at
Talat Masood: Fallout of the Supreme Court verdit: Fallout of the verdict Monday, March 02, 2009 Talat Masood The way events are unfolding in Pakistan it appears our national failure has been programmed and the political software written by our leaders, whether it was the erstwhile military
Countering India’s diplomatic assault —Talat Masood: Despite the current tensions, it is encouraging that Islamabad and New Delhi are keeping diplomatic channels open and envoys have not been recalled. Talks should continue to manage the crisis and put the peace process back on track India
Consequences of Mumbai attacks – By Talat Masood: Unfortunately, whenever a terrorist attack takes place, the Muslim community of India also comes under pressure, despite its unflinching loyalty to the state. There is always a lingering fear that they may once again be subjected to communal violence
Analysis: Regional dynamics of the war on terror —Talat Masood: There are conflicting elements operating in Afghanistan. Pakistan is wary of India’s growing influence in the region and that adds another area of friction in US-Pakistan and Pakistan-India relations During the Cold War, the United States had a grand
Pakistani nation: Get rid of the martyr syndrome. The militants, being very powerful, are pursuing an independent agenda. An analysis by Talat Masood: Fighting for the future —Talat Masood Pakistan is a pivotal country which can be a source of great strength to the region and the world. Equally it can be the most dangerous country. It is for us to decide