Sohail Qalandar Archive

Remembering Sohail Qalandar – by Muhammad Amir Khakwani and Latif Chaudhry: Muhammad Amir Hashim Khakwani remembers Sohail Qalandar in the following article:
Renowned journalist Sohail Qalandar passes away: Sohail Qalandar, one of the very few courageous, anti-Taliban and anti-terrorism voices in Pakistani journalism, is no longer with us.
From jihadi Taliban to media Taliban – By Sohail Qalandar: Our own monsters Political leaders, intellectuals, influential media personalities and the military leadership of the country have to be united on a single-point national agenda: the elimination and total destruction of all militant organisations and their
A column for Maulana Fazlur-Rehman: By Sohail Qalandar
Anti-Taliban journalists of Pakistani media are true Pakistanis and true Muslims – by Rahim Anjan: Well done, Abbas Ather, Asadullah Ghalib, Tanvir Qaiser Shahid, Sohail Qalandar, Ayaz Khan, Latif Chaudhry, The Express Team and also Mr. Rahim Anjaan. The entire Pakistani nation is proud of you because of your unconditional condemnation of the Taliban
Swat asks many questions – by Sohail Qalandar and Tanvir Qaiser Shahid: The siege of Swat (Swat ka muhasira) – by Tanvir Shahid Swat ka sawal… By Sohail Qalandar Pakistan Army is protecting the Taliban to impose their brand of sharia, destroy schools, pressurize the ANP leadership to negotiate with the