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Why stop corruption when you have Allah? — by Dr Manzur Ejaz: As expected, the conspiracy theorists have alleged that Indian bookies cooked up the plan to malign Pakistani cricket players. Notorious Pakistan crook Mazhar Majeed and his sister are allegedly married to Indians. Actress Veena Malik, ex-girlfriend of one of
The denial of the lambs – by Anas Abbas: Cross Post : Accounterterror blog By Anas Abbas This Essay is in response to an article “The liberal lynch mob” written by Mahreen Aziz Khan published recently in The Express Tribune. It will not only focus on this article itself
Analogy between violence and media popularity – By Hassan Shehzad: Life will, can never be normal after relay of the footage of two underage brothers beaten to death in Sialkot. Embedded deep in stonewalls of the newsroom over years, I could not break myself from the objectivity, but the
Lynching of two brothers in Sialkot – Where was the conscience of onlookers? By Ahmed Iqbalabadi: I was terrified when I saw disturbing pictures of an unruly mob beating two boys with sticks, killing them, hanging their bodies with poles and then parading their bodies in the back of a tractor trolley around the industrialized,