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Pashtun and Baloch activists’ views on Hazara ethnic party HDP’s dubious role in Quetta: #VBMPLongMarch ‏@ShahidQazi1 Jan 25 1. Target Hazara Shi’a 2. Send HDP 2 take over Protest 3. Demand Operation 4. Start Operation 5. Plan Achieved(They ‘THINK’)We aren’t Stupid @KhadimDurrani Jan 25 @ShahidQazi1; LeJ’s GHQ is PUNJAB, why no operations there
Pakistan army, Punjabi politicians and LeJ-SSP-ASWJ’s terrorism in Balochistan – Shahid Qazi: Editor’s note: Shahid Qazi is a senior Pashtun politician from Quetta, Balochistan. Born in Khuzdar, he belongs to well known Qazi family, which is a part of Alikhail (Kakar) Tribe of Zhob. Mr Qazi is former Central Vice President