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Baladast kon? Awam ya koi aur?: ہمارے میڈیا میں موجود دوست، شیخ رشید، اعجاز الحق، عمران خان اور جنرل( ر) حمید گل جیسے صفر نمائندگی رکھنے والے لوگوں کو بلا کر تواتر سے جمہوریت مخالف ٹاک شوز کرنے کی توجیہ یہ بیان کرتے ہیں کہ
Well said Nawaz Sharif, well done SAFMA —Dr Mohammad Taqi: Related : SAFMA sends defamation notice to TV channel The security establishment frets that a strong politician from Punjab, who always had the wherewithal to cut them down to size, has been consistently expressing his will to do so too
SAFMA National Conference-by Wajahat Masood:
Media, democracy and governance — by Babar Ayaz: This is one of the problems of a society where we talk about democracy and criticise the government day in and day out, but when it comes to tolerating criticism on us we retaliate. Perhaps the democrat in us